Christina Aguilera Looks Gorgeous In Sweatpants And A Curve-Hugging Top!

The talented singer looks as stunning as ever and in her latest post, she actually proved that she can make any type of clothing look hot. That being said, Christina Aguilera shared a pic of her in a pair of loose sweatpants and a tight top and the ensemble seemed like high fashion on her.

That’s right! The diva was wearing a navy blue pair of sweatpants, which she paired with a matching skintight top that was also sheer and long sleeved.

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A perfect combination that her followers were really impressed by!

But, of course, beyond the clothes, which were relatively simple, it was Aguilera’s air of confidence and posing skills that grabbed everyone’s attention and elevated the outfit a lot!

The top was tucked into the loose bottoms and the star also accessorized with grey and black Nike sneakers as well as with some layered diamond necklaces, hoop earrings and a pair of rectangular sunglasses!

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Alongside the three pictures that showed the artist posing in an elevator, she wrote: ‘It’s about time for my arrival. see you tonight, vegas @virginhotelslv.’

Of course, she was talking about the concert she’s expected to headline during Virgin Hotels Las Vegas’ so-called ‘Unstopped Weekend Celebration.’

This is a four-day event with multiple performances from artists such as Flo Rida and Mix Master Mike.

This is not the first time that Christina Aguilera makes what at first glance looks like simple day-to-day clothes, look out of this world!

It surely won’t be last time the either since she really looks like a great stylist when it comes to her own clothes.

Sweatpants are trendy and considered cool nowadays to begin with but on Christina, they looked like a much more precious piece of clothing!

What do you think about the ensemble she chose to wear?

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