Ariana Grande – Inside Her Baby Plans After Tying The Knot With Dalton Gomez!

The couple had a beautiful and intimate wedding and fans were taken by surprise when they learned about it. That’s right, Ariana Grande is no longer single after she secretly tied the knot with her beau, Dalton Gomez , but is she also ready to start a family?

One new insider shared the songstress’ baby plans now that she is officially married.

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Is the 27 year old superstar ready for motherhood at this point in her life or not?

As it turns out, she wants to take it slow as far as starting a family with Dalton is concerned.

While their wedding seemed to come really early in their relationship, they will not have the same approach when it comes to having a baby.

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One source shared via HollywoodLife that ‘Ariana is not in any rush to get pregnant and to have kids with Dalton for at least a few more years. She’s very eager to do more music, act a little more and she is also gearing up for her stint with The Voice. Dreams of being a mom are something special she would love to pursue a few years down the line but she still has a lot to do professionally, and she’s a workaholic.’

They went on to mention that at this point, she just wants to enjoy being married to her other half, just the two of them.

‘She’s looking to celebrate married life with Dalton as she’s extremely happy. But the rush into the any other things like children which often happen when people get married can wait if it’s up to Ariana,’ the source explained.

In the meantime, fans were able to finally see Ariana looking stunning as a bride in her gorgeous white dress since she shared a few pics from the glamorous wedding ceremony.

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