Best Stocks To Buy: Here Is The Top Of 2021!

Here are the best stocks to buy now in  2022 according to us, from  Insider24 ! We will show you our Top , made up of the stocks of the best performing companies in the world.

Apple shares

Speaking of  the shares of Apple is complex. According to some, the company after the death of  Steve Jobs is  no longer the same.

Actually, the numbers say something else, the Cupertino company has introduced many interesting and profitable innovations even after the death of its founder, such as the Apple watch.

The company made  $ 274.5 billion in revenue  in 2020 and the world’s best-known investor, Warren Buffett, has $ 120 billion in Apple stock.

Amazon Actions

Who does not know the  most important e-commerce in the world? Amazon shares have been booming for more than 10 years and have now exceeded  $ 3,200 per share. On April 30, 2021, $ 3,467 was even reached!

Jeff Bezos had sales of  386.1 billion  in 2020, benefiting mainly from Covid-19 pandemic.

However, many wonder if it is still worth buying Amazon stock or if it is too late. In our opinion, it is absolutely advisable to buy these stocks and  keep them in your portfolio for years .

Alphabet Actions

The  shares of Alphabet  (Google)  have increased significantly since the early 2000s and now worth about  $ 2,300 . However, many wonder if it is still worth entering or if it is too late.

The company billed  182,500 million dollars  in 2020 and is among the most solid in the world. The speech is very similar to that of Amazon stocks.

Berkshire Hathaway Stock

In our ranking, the shares  of the  Warren Buffett holding company could not be absent  . Berkshire Hathaway is one of the largest holding companies in the world and had a turnover of 245,500 million dollars  in 2020.  

Recently, for the Nasdaq system,  Berkshire Hathaway shares  have risen too much in value, but Buffet does not intend to split them. Type A stocks are unaffordable for most people, while Type B stocks  (with a current value of around $ 286 ) are a great long-term investment  .

Walt Disney Stock

The  shares of Walt Disney is a title that it is worth investing in 2021, perfect for a portfolio of All Weather.

Walt Disney shares are currently worth around  $ 171 , so you need to enter before the price rises.

Coca-Cola Shares

In 2020, the company had  $ 33 billion in net revenue , a drop of 11% compared to 2019, due to Covid-19.

The shares are currently worth around  $ 55 , you can buy them to keep them for years and years in your portfolio or buy them and then sell them in one or two years. We trust that with the return to normal life the title will rise.

Fiverr Actions

Fiverr  is an  online platform  dedicated to the offer of services by self-employed workers and the search for the latter by potential clients.

Shares in Fiverr, logically deduced, skyrocketed after the pandemic and are now worth around  $ 190 . Many people have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 and have turned to Fiverr.

The rise in telecommuting (a trend that is bound to last) is also helping Fiverr grow.

How to buy shares?

To  buy the shares  in our ranking you have  3 possibilities :

Contact a bank

Get in touch with a SIM  (stock exchange company)

Use online trading platforms  

The first two are the most expensive options, requiring both a higher supply of money and a higher contribution of commissions.

Online trading platforms are available to everyone and are really easy to use. eToro , for example, even allows you to  automatically copy the stock investments of the best traders .

To buy shares in eToro you will only have to:

Register for free on the platform:

Practice with the   free demo account

Deposit the  minimum amount

Choose the shares  to buy 

Click LONG without activating LEVERAGE (this way you will be investing in real stocks and not CFDs)

Best stocks to buy: takeaways

In the course of the article, from Insider24 we have shown you what we think are the 30 best stocks to buy .

Within the ranking we have included both the companies with the highest market capitalization and the smallest companies, we have also included companies belonging to various sectors.

This ranking is not absolute, but it is a great starting point if you don’t know which stocks to invest in and want to build a diversified portfolio .

What are the best stocks to buy?

In our article we have compiled a ranking of the 30 best stocks to buy in 2021. We will not only show you the stocks of the most famous companies, such as Amazon and Apple, but we will also show you the stocks of the companies that you most likely do not know.

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