Why Use Video To Promote Your Travel Business

61% of the people across the world watch four to ten hours of online videos every week. This means that video is one of the most prevalent mediums in people’s lives these days. Travel videos are just as rampant in the travel and tourism industry.

Nowadays, more and more people are using online videos to make their travel decisions. 63% of business and leisure travelers use all kinds of travel videos when looking for things to do in specific destinations.

Videos give a richer and fuller view of the way tour experiences happen. They are also useful for people when addressing the obstacles coming in their way of travel. Every tour operator and travel business owner is jumping onto videos, but that’s not why you must use videos to promote your travel business.

One solid reason to use videos to promote your travel business is they already have an audience, and more reasons are below:

1. Videos Are Beneficial in Every Stage of the Traveller’s Purchase Journey

Regardless of the stage of the buying journey when you want to target prospects, studies show videos are highly beneficial:

In the initial stage, when travelers think about a particular trip they would like to take, 64% of them watch videos related to travel.

In the narrowing-down stage, videos help 3/5ths of the travel enthusiasts narrow down the location they would like to visit and the activities they would like to indulge in.

In the final travel booking stage, 74% of business travelers and 62% of leisure travelers claim that they would like to go through videos before making the final travel booking decision. Additionally, 45% of the travelers book travel instantly after watching the video of different activities.

Thus, using videos for promoting your travel business can increase the reach of your business while highlighting all the small bits of how you operate your business at the same time. With the right travel videos, you can increase your client base easily by offering them exact and thorough details.

2. Videos Help with Better Engagement

Videos are great at capturing the essence of a place while offering all the details that travel enthusiasts require for travel. Top-quality videos with the perfect blend of animation, voice-overs, and texts can engage a huge audience without letting them go through the hassle of searching for travel-worthy destinations on the internet separately.

The best thing about making travel videos is that they serve as the pit stop for all the travelers’ queries. As a travel business, you can provide information about travel itineraries, hotels, local culture, transfers, food, and places to visit- all under one roof.

Ultimately, this can drive more traffic to your site as you eliminate the need for travelers to go through other pages of information. It can also give you easy access to a huge audience base as they find your content more engaging than going through long-written posts.

Just the basic use of textual matter perfectly blended with some images and attractive visuals is enough for capturing the attention of the scrolling travelers looking for inspiration. 

Have a look at the wonderful video by Visit Iceland, the official tourism information site of Iceland. It starts with a stunning picture, followed by exciting text for hooking the viewers in.

3. Videos Boast of Higher CTRs

Travel videos with the right CTA or Call To Action can lead the travelers to the next point once they finish watching the videos. This way, you can have the viewers following your brand on Facebook or visiting your site, whatever might be the main objective of your CTA.

The CTAs in videos are the key to creating engagement with the audience and improving the click-through rates of your travel business site. See, how all the videos posted by Intrepid Travel, a tour and travel company include CTAs at their end, calling subscribers to join the organization’s YouTube channel. Their videos are so mesmerizing that viewers cannot get more out of them and always want to watch more videos.

4. Videos Lead to Improved Brand Image

Videos serve as interactive platforms for travel businesses letting their brand image come out quickly and effectively. A perfectly planned and well-distributed travel video sets the right tone for the travel business and engages the customers while reflecting the difference between two similar brands.

Since videos are easily customizable, you can also add motivating and inspiring aspects to your travel videos as and when required to draw the customers’ attention. And yes, you can share the same content seamlessly on your different social media profiles.

Yes, social media video posts are important because they play a significant role in building a brand’s image and in helping it secure a solid trust among the audiences. This ultimately helps a travel company in attracting a huge customer base.

You can also think of delivering an exclusive and strong message through your travel videos by assimilating different sounds, voices, styles, and music using a popular video maker to make the most out of your visual content.

5. Videos Give the Taste of Local Travel Experience

Videos are attractive for travel enthusiasts because they let them experience the activities they would like to indulge in when visiting a specific place. They are more inclined to do the activities because they see the other travelers performing the same activities before them.

Therefore, in a way, video content offers travelers the same taste of experience as someone who has already visited a place. Creating such travel videos helps attract a large number of viewers and gives your business a good boost.

Take the example of the Walt Disney Company here. This American multinational entertainment and media conglomerate distributed a series of videos on YouTube for helping parents understand how much fun their kids can have at the park and the right way of navigating that same experience as an adult. The video is compelling and makes the viewers buy a ticket to the park immediately.


To conclude, good-quality videos can take your travel business to another level. With videos, you get the flexibility of showcasing the different aspects and details of your travel business. You do not need to do much to attract a huge customer base if you are already making informative and interactive travel videos.

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