A Quick Guide on How to Rock Your Nose Ring Stylishly

A nose piercing, whether it’s a modest nostril sparkle or a dramatic septum ring, may completely transform your appearance. One of the most enjoyable elements of a nose piercing is the amount of flexibility you have in terms of positioning. A nose piercing has been one of the least painful and takes the shortest amount of time to recover.

After earrings, nose rings are the most common yet fashionable type of body piercing. While some people are against donning nose rings, it has been done for centuries in certain regions of the world for visual and meaningful reasons.

Wearing a nose ring has been more popular in recent years, with a growing number of people preferring to have their noses pierced. A nose ring, like any other piece of jewellery, displays your style, and the type you choose will reveal a little more about you. You get to choose your style from gorgeous and exotic to rebellious and non-conforming.

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Different Types of Piercing

  • Nostril piercing
  • Septum
  • High nostril 
  • Bridge piercing
  • Rhino piercing/vertical tip
  • Nasallang Piercing
  • Austin Bar

Different Types of Nose Jewellery 

A widespread misunderstanding is that all nose jewellery is a ring. If we’re being picky, we’d call it nose jewellery, as there are many numerous varieties of nose jewellery besides a ring (this is the same with the term earrings).

Traditional Ring/Hoop

The most prevalent sort of nose jewellery is this. It’s made to be a lengthy, flawless hoop that slides into the hole and stays in place.

Curved Barbells

A curved barbell, often called banana bars or bent barbells, is a ring version. This is very useful for septum piercings because the ball sides may be unscrewed and inserted through the hole.

Captive Or Fixed Bead Rings

A captive bead ring, also known as a fixed bead ring, is a hybrid of a regular ring and a barbell. These are really popular; however, they can be difficult to remove.

Nose Bone

This is a small straight rod that may easily be inserted into a nasal piercing. It stays in place thanks to the beaded edge. These nose jewels are generally somewhat smaller than other forms.

L-Shaped Pin

This is a straight wire with an L-shaped curve that prevents jewellery from slipping out of the hole. The bent might be anything between 45 and 90 degrees. A simple ball, stud, or imaginative design can be used to finish the L-bend.

Nostril Screw

This is identical to the L-bend, however rather than just a bent bar, it has a curving tail. Bending around the inside of the nostril, it secures the jewellery. The nostril screw secures the component and adds additional stability.

Nose Rings for Every Face Type

  • Round face- half hoops
  • Long face type- the beaded hoops
  • Oval face- embellished chains
  • Sharp nose- nathanis
  • Heart-shaped face- big naths
  • Chiselled face- segment rings
  • Small face/nose- dainty studs
  • Square face- giant stone studs

Flaunt Your Style with a Nose Ring!

The fashion world has changed, and nose rings have made a spectacular comeback. Brides are seeing the gorgeous trinkets as a central feature of their D-day style, whether it’s a little ring, tear-drop, clip-on, or a traditional large nath. However, the key is to match the nose ring to the face type, failing which the entire look might be ruined.


Don’t be confused; 

Check out these latest nose ring designs in gold and pick the one to rock your look!

As nose rings are closer to the face and grab the most attention, it’s even more vital to coordinate the shape and size of your face.

Although wearing a nose ring requires some effort, it is a lovely and fashionable way to express yourself.

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