Searching for the Best Summer Fragrance? Here are 4

There is nothing relatively like the smell of summer. Summer is the favorite season of many people even though it is the hottest season in which days become hot and long and nights are relatively short. Summer season calls for light note perfumes that keep the body fresh in the scorching heat. There are many summer perfumes which are liked by people and among them, Hajr E Aswad Attar is the best.

The best summer fragrance is the one that suits warmer temperatures because heat can affect the durability and projection of scents which results in making some lasts better than others. On long, hot, and sticky summer days it is best to wear a perfume which is light, refreshing, and gives you a nice subtle fragrance. Usually, apple, citrus, and all the scents with a lighter note are perfect for the summer season.

Nobody likes to smell all stingy and sweaty in summer and therefore people look for perfumes which are light on the skin and don’t smell so strong or loud and it gets difficult to find a perfume which has all the elements in it that you want. So we have narrowed down some best summer fragrances for you to make it easier for you.

Here are some of the best summer fragrances for you which you can use and smell heavenly even on a hot sticky summer day.

Hajr E Aswad Attar

Hajr E Aswad Attar is a woody oriental fragrance that is like the mixture of fragrances coming out from the Black Stone at Makkah. It is completely alcohol-free and concentrated fragrance oil that is absolutely a masterpiece of perfumery. The fine and light aroma it gives is perfect for the summer season because of its lighter notes. Hajr E Aswad Attar is considered one of the premium perfumes in the Middle East. One of the best things about this perfume is that it is a unisex fragrance and is liked by most men and women and both can enjoy the amazing fragrance of it and smell good even in hot, sweaty summer season.

Black Orchid Parfum Tom Ford

It has an amber floral-like fragrance. It is a recently launched perfume and has set the bars very high for other perfume brands.  Its top notes are Truffle and Plum while middle notes are a combination of Rum, Ylang-Ylang, and Black Orchid. This perfume is among the list of best summer fragrances because of its exceptionally sensual scent. It contains precious essential oils which make it even better by revealing the new element of black orchid with particular accords.

The odor it gives is a mixture of flowers, spices, chocolate, balsamic notes, and black truffle. It has a very compelling and long-lasting fragrance. The specialty of this perfume is that it highlights the iconic sensuality of the original and its aphrodisiac effect of the black orchid with fresh, strong seductive accords. This is the perfect fragrance for summer if you are looking for floral and amber-like scent. It will feel light on your skin and will stay for a longer period on your body making it smell fresh all day.

Angel’s Share by Kilian

It smells like cognac oil with a blend of cinnamon essence, oak absolute, and tonka bean absolute. The notes that make it a perfect scent are praline, sandalwood, and vanilla make for an amazing end. The reason it is considered as one of the best summer fragrances is the fact that it gives a very comforting fragrance almost cosseting which is badly needed in a season like a summer where the body stings with sweat and smells all gross.

Another good thing is that it is a unisex perfume so both males and females can enjoy its lovely perfect for summer fragrance. It can be your next best summer fragrance if you are a lover of soft, nice, and pleasant odors which attract others and make you feel good at the same time.

Lost Cherry Tom Ford

It is another amazing addition to the perfumes by Tom Ford and is a unisex fragrance. Its top notes are Bitter Almond and Sour Cherry and middle notes are Sour Cherry, Turkish Rose, Plum, and Jasmine Sambac. All these notes combine to give a classic perfection of the exotic cherry fruit–Black Cherry’s ripe flesh gleams with a slight touch of Bitter Almond. The incredible florals Turkish Rose and Jasmine Sambac enter the senses and soul. The fragrance it gives is a blend of sandalwood, vetiver, and cedar which enhances its odor.

These are the 4 best summer fragrances that you can wear in scorching weather and still feel light and fresh. If you have to narrow down the best one among these 4 then Hajr E Aswad Attar would be the best pick because it has such a fine aroma which is best for summer heat and will make you feel light and fresh. These are the top picks of summer fragrances but there are many more fragrances as well which might suit your taste and preference of summer perfumes.

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