7 Best Steps To Create a Low Budget Pay Per Click Campaign

When you have a small budget for any purpose, achieving maximum results can be challenging. This is extremely true when it’s an important goal like a PPC program. However, if the right tactics are used, it can be made possible, if not easy. Let’s help you with a few such tips to bring in maximum results out of your small PPC budget.

  1. Prioritize your goals

A small budget certainly limits the number of campaigns and thus the number of goals you can pursue. Some such goals may be brand awareness, leads, sales, and repeat sales. You must thus prioritize your goals to determine which goals you need to seriously achieve, so that you can focus your campaigns to allocate your budget to where you need it the most.

  1. Target the right keywords

High-volume keywords can have a high cost-per-click. Also, high volume and competitive keywords can become expensive. Considering organizing such high-volume high-cost keywords into the campaign by using the exact match for the keywords. You must also put a maximum bid on what you’re willing to pay for your keywords.

  1. Geotarget

Geotargeting can help manage a small ad budget, as with geotargeting, you focus on the most essential target locations, determined by states, cities, or ZIP codes. The smaller the geographic area, the less traffic you’ll get. You can also add negative locations where you do not do business, to prevent unnecessary people from seeing your ads.

  1. Schedule your ads

Ad scheduling can help control your budget by running ads only on certain days, or at certain times of the day. Also, you can review reporting to determine if there are any times of the day when there is a negative ROI. Removing targeting those times when ads are less effective can eliminate budget wasting.


  1. Set a negative keywords list

An extensive negative keywords list can help control your budget, which can be generated by brainstorming keyword concepts that may trigger ads erroneously. Find such irrelevant searches, create your list, and apply. You must also keep updating the list regularly if campaign keywords are broad match and phrase match type.

  1. Avoid dynamic search ads

Avoid dynamic search ads as these ads aren’t triggered by specific keywords chosen by you; instead they are displayed based on keywords in the content of your landing page. Even though these ads may seem convenient, it will result in irrelevant impressions and clicks, which could drive up your budget.

  1. Tracking and website analytics

Tracking and website analytics can help you measure performance, the data collected to be critical for informing your decisions on where to optimize the account.

As you can see, if managed correctly, you can work up with a low budget too. However, we’d still suggest you to opt for professional SEO services in India, if you want the best results, without spending too much.


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