5 Amazing food containers to carry lunch hassle free

Being healthy is a key to great life. You can carry healthy lunch in a hassle free way by getting the right container or food boxes to put your food in

Being healthy is a key to great life. Thats what we have always heard, right!

 Food plays an important role in keeping you healthy. So, take in healthy food rather than going for junk food. Give your kids home cooked food for school and also take home cooked food to your office.

I know you are nodding your head but whose going to do this. NOT MANY PEOPLE.

 I know you think carrying lunch to office sounds a bit boring. It also sounds to be a much tiresome task and a big hassle. To all of you people out there, all that I want to tell you is that it is not as boring or difficult as it sounds. You can carry healthy lunch in a hassle free way by getting the right container or food boxes to put your food in. Go, get one after reading this.

 Now, here is a list of some of the best containers to carry food with out hassle.

Stainless steel container

A stainless steel container for carrying food never goes out of style. Also, because of its amazing features, people prefer stainless steel containers more than other containers.

The best quality of this container is that its BPA free. BPA is substance that causes breast cancer in women, low sperm count in males and growth issues in children. I know thats scary!

 Mostly plastic containers have BPA that can harm food when the container is heated. In Addition to being BPA free, stainless steel containers do not stain or take in food odors. Plus, the stainless steel containers come in a variety of sizes. You can get whatever size is perfect for you. However, these can not be put in microwave or else your microwave will EXPLODE. Dont do that ever.

These containers or food boxes also have partitions which can make food packaging so easy. So, stop nodding and do get it now.

BPA free plastic container

High quality plastic containers that are BPA free is also a great choice. Not all plastics are scary, some are good too!

Contrary to the stainless steel container, these cantainers can be put in microwave. They are airtight, light weight and easy to you carry. They are also cheap and durable. They make food packaging easier as there is less risk of leakage. They are also safe to freeze food and have a good seal to prevent food getting wasted. What else do you need? Run before it is your office time and get one.

Silicone base containers

The container coming up next is a silicon based container so, BE READY! Silicone based containers also work well when packing lunch. They have a plastic lid. They do not take in food odor.

Also, they are light weight and durable. Cleaning and storing them is also very easy. They do not take stains. These are compact collapsible food containers that are also freezer safe. They are BPA free and leak proof.

So, no hassle here, nothing is going to leak and cause you difficulty.

Glass food storage with silicon sleeve container

These food containers are made of glass and have a silicon covering to protect them from breaking.

Also, there are button tabs that prevent leakage. These containers are a little heavy but they are well protected.

They are also BPA free. Yay! No more BPA. Glass can be great to carry leftovers home as it does not take in odor or stain.

Rubber food container for carrying lunch

This container is made of rubber which provides great insulation. It keeps food cold in warm temperatures and warm in cold temperature.

It is also resistant to corrosion, wheather and shock. Breakers are mounted under high  lid for protection. These containers are compact and eaily portable.

They are also BPA free.

Summing it up

All these food containers are great and will make lunch handling a lot more easier. All you have to do is prepare lunch. Yes! Do it. I wish you a very happy cooking. After you are done with the ccoking part, pack it in and you are good to go. Give your kids lunch in thses containers and make them healthy so they will not have to see doctor often and this way you will get wealthy. All of these are BPA free so no worries folks. Enjoy you meal and be healthy.

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