11 Best alternative of kisscartoons to Watch Free Cartoons

Cartoons play a vital role in childhood and adulthood. Imaginary animals, magical power, and all that mysterious for children. In addition to children, many adults also enjoy watching classic cartoons from time to time.

However, where to watch cartoons online? How to find the right cartoon for kids? Many cartoon lovers find it hard to find a great place to watch cartoons online for free like kisscartoons.

For this reason, I have selected the 10 best sites to watch cartoons online for free. These sites offer an extensive collection of cartoons with a user-friendly interface.


KimCartoon has a solid performance when it comes to watching cartoons online. First, it updates its content regularly. You can always quickly find new cartoon series. Secondly, KimCartoons allows you to stream cartoons in HD without charging a dime. Also, KimCartoon organizes its content in a very fun way. Namely: “Best Day”, “Best Week” and “Best Month”. With categories like this, you can easily find out what’s popular with your cartoon peers. In addition, you can also send a request for the desired cartoons. Overall, KimCartoon ranks as one of the best places to watch cartoons online.


Watch cartoons online, free sites? If this is what you want, CartoonsOn is what you need. On this site, you can find various free cartoons, old and new, short and long cartoons, and even cartoons. In addition, CartoonsOn updates its content regularly.

The great thing about this free cartoon site is that it allows you to search for cartoons by character. That is, you can watch all the episodes about Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man or Batman without any problems.In short, CartoonsOn is a great place to stream cartoons online.

Watch cartoon online

Watch cartoons online is a great site for watching cartoons online. It offers a wide range of cartoons and anime with detailed genres. Additionally, Watch Cartoon Online divides anime into dubbed categories and subtitles. Thus, you will find that Watch Cartoon Online is easy to navigate.

Also, watch the cartoon online. offers HD and SD streaming quality for free. And the download speed is awesome. A small snag is that there are advertisements on this site. Regardless, Watch Cartoon Online is a great site to watch cartoons online for free.


Looking for a cartoon to watch online? You couldn’t find a better place than KissCartoon . Not only does it offer a diverse collection of cartoons, it also offers 2048p streaming quality. In other words, KissCartoon offers a variety of cinema-style cartoons without charging a dime. Most importantly, the high download speed sets KissCartoon apart from others. This is why many cartoon lovers highly recommend this site for watching free cartoons online.

Mickey Disney

Mickey Disney is a lovely cartoon site with Mickey Mouse and Friends as his featured short animated film. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Pluto, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, all famous characters can be found here. Mickey Disney offers a series of video clips for each adorable cartoon figure.

Also, this site has a fun and lively interface for watching free cartoons. Both children and adults can have fun here.

Mickey Disney is a great site to watch free cartoons online. The only downside is that it only offers a handful of cartoons.

Disney now

When we talk about cartoons, Disney comes to mind. If you are crazy about Disney cartoons, Disney is your best bet now.

Disney Now is a great place to watch free cartoons online. Offers not only short cartoons but also the latest episodes. All materials here are very interesting for children. Besides watching cartoons for free, you can also play games on Disney Now.

The interface of the cartoon is fun and colorful. Plus fast loading speeds and a secure environment make Disney Now a popular destination for many parents and kids.

However, not all Disney cartoons are free to watch. You must be logged in to unlock more content on Disney Now.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is a good place to watch cartoons online for free. It has a simple layout without any sensitive content. Even children can easily switch to this multisite.

In addition to watching cartoons online for free, Cartoon Network has a variety of games suitable for kids and teens. Moreover, you can also get his mobile app to watch online cartoons for free.


SuperCartoons lets you watch over 1,000 classic cartoons online for free, especially old cartoons like Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, The Pink Panther and more.

SuperCartoons has a simple layout. You can select one episode of a cartoon in its interface and start watching free cartoons right away. Moreover, you can also search for cartoons by character, TV series, or studio. Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, 20 th Century Fox |, and so on. E., All these famous studios can be found here. In short, SuperCartoons is a good place to watch free cartoons online.

Crazy cartoon

Crazy Cartoon offers up to 25,000 episodes of cartoons and anime to watch for free. Sounds crazy, right? Yes, Cartoon Crazy is such a crazy site. This allows you to stream cartoons and anime in high quality without charging a dime. Plus, Cartoon Crazy lets you watch cartoons for free using its fast video players. Simply put, you can watch cartoons without any problem.

There are several advertisements on this site. However, it won’t cause too much trouble if you don’t click on it. If you want to watch cartoons online for free, Cartoon Crazy is worth a try.


As the largest video-sharing platform, YouTube embraces any type of video content. Therefore, various cartoons can be found here.

To watch free cartoons on YouTube, you can search for a specific cartoon or subscribe to the cartoons channel for free . WB Kids, Masha and the Bear are ideal channels for watching whole cartoons. Alternatively, you can also find Live Kids Shows here. This is why we think YouTube is a great place to watch cartoons online.


The cartoon is an educational site for children. It offers a variety of cartoons, a long list of Songs, and a variety of educational materials for children. As a one-stop entertainment solution for kids, Cartoonito also offers real kids’ club stories to teach or make fun of. Plus, the simple and beautiful layout makes it easy for kids to navigate the website.

In general, Cartoonito is a great option for children to watch cartoons online.


Want to watch cartoons online on free sites? Here are 11 of the best cartoon sites. Each of them offers great online cartoons viewing experience.

Pick one and start watching now!

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