Woman Claims Lil Durk Is The Father Of Her 7-Year-Old Son (Video)

On Thursday, Tasha K of ‘Unwine With Tasha’ dropped a promo clip that highlighted a woman by the name of Travonna. In the clip, Travonna states that Durk doesn’t take care of their son.

“Seven years ago when my child was born, you were not who you are now. I was giving you rides to the studio, buying you White Castle because you had to wait for checks and different stuff when you were with other companies and all of that,” Travonna stated.

Travonna continued, “You didn’t have money. Now you’re stacking up to your face talking about how you taking care of your kids, but you ain’t sent my son nothing.

She added, “You buy designer. You always brag about taking care of your homies in jail, your homies this and that, and my son is axed out of the equation constantly.”

Travonna also shared a screenshot of what seemingly appears to be Durk and her son from years ago on Facetime. She captioned the photo, “Throwback for the hating a** fans no reasons to lie [bye] Y’ALL can have this s**t.”

The alleged mother of his child then stated, “I have a DNA test my proof I have my reasons I wish I would entertain you devils have a good day…”

If you recall, back in December of 2020, people alleged that Durk cheated on his girlfriend India and fathered a daughter. A source connected to the situation told The Shade Room that Durk does have a 4-year-old daughter who was conceived somewhere around October 2016, but denies that he cheated on India when the child was conceived.

The source also provided details that Durk wasn’t in a relationship with that child’s mother. With Durk being single at the time, the source broke down the timeline on when he started dating India. They met in March of 2017, and says India was aware of the woman’s pregnancy.

Most recently, Durk also lost his brother DThang who was shot and killed outside a nightclub in Chicago.


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