William D King: Tips on How to Market Your Business Online for Under $100 a Month

What’s all this talk about marketing on the internet? Most of us know that the internet is a pretty big place, with literally billions of people using it. What we may not realize is how many of those people are actually shopping and buying stuff online. In fact, over 30% of ALL retail sales come from ecommerce websites! Combine those figures with studies showing that most consumers will do their own research before making an expensive purchase, and you have a hot bed for marketers looking for some sweet action. And as more business owners learn about strategies for getting these buyers to come calling, more and more competition enters the fray… but there’s no need to worry because more traffic always equals lower costs per visitor. The larger your audience becomes, the less you have to pay for each new customer. 

So with that in mind, here are some of the best tips I can offer on how to market your small business online for under $100 per month…

1) Get Personal with Social Media

 As per William D King social media is one of the most powerful tools you’ll ever come across for getting free traffic and attention, so it’s well worth its weight in gold… or at least pennies. The beauty of social media is that it lets marketers speak directly with their customers without any middlemen meddling with the message. There’s no “corporate image” to worry about creating or upholding which means a lot more honesty and authenticity from both sides (“honesty” being a term among internet marketers). Personally, I think that’s a great thing because it reduces the distance between customer and service, and allows you to build real relationships.

And for this reason, social media is one of the best ways to market your business online: by posting updates on Facebook and Twitter every day (I recommend 5-10 times per week), you’ll not only help get more exposure for whatever it is you’re selling; but at the same time, increase your friend count which can lead to better networking opportunities. That means more exposure for your website or blog posts in the future… all from simply making friends! Social media makes it easier than ever to spy on what other marketers are doing right and wrong, so make sure you follow profiles related to your niche and learn from the best!

2) Connect With Bloggers in Your Industry

One of my favorite tools these days is Market Samurai, which can be used to find blogs (market research), forums, social media profiles… Really anything online! Using this tool is like having X-ray vision because you can see almost everyone who has linked back to your site. That means that when you build quality content on your blog but don’t link back to your buddies (or they don’t reciprocate by linking back to you), there’s a good chance they’re not worth associating with in the first place. No hard feelings… it’s just business.

But thanks to Market Samurai, my business is easier than ever before because I use it every day to find new ways to get traffic and make sales. Blogs are especially good because they allow you to get in touch with the blogger or owner of said blog, through which you can form a valuable connection that can lead to more exposure for your business.

For example, I recently found a website that specializes in making gaming laptops. Because this is an area where I have some experience, I got in touch with the site’s owner and offered him my services… not only will the post links back to my site if/when people read my articles on his blog; but he’ll also promote my WordPress plugins on his Facebook page! It doesn’t take much effort at all either… just leave comments on their posts once or twice per week, comment on their updates on Facebook, and occasionally tweet to them. You can even offer to exchange links or services…

3) Use a Chat Widget on Your Website

Chat widgets have become extremely popular over the last few years because they give website owners an interactive element that helps drive more sales. What’s great about chat is that it doesn’t cost anything to get started. In fact, most chat applications don’t charge you a dime until you receives 10,000 visitors per month… which for most small companies shouldn’t be too hard!

The thing with chat widgets is that they give your website visitors something fun to do while they browse your site, and this makes them stick around longer which means a greater chance of converting them into customers. Many chat applications also offer coupons and other things for customers to redeem, making them even more likely to stick around because not only do they get their questions answered; but they can win free stuff too!

Conclusion by William D King:  

By making friends across social networks, you can get more exposure for your business. By using Market Samurai to research blogs and forums, you can connect with other marketers who are worth networking with. And by using a chat widget on your site, you give your visitors something fun to do while them browse the web!

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