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We Ranked All of the OG Gossip Girl’s Couples

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You know you love them, XOXO.

You never forget your first time, especially if you were and are a Gossip Girl fan. The iconic series’ revival premiered on HBO Max this week, introducing viewers to the next generation of Manhattan’s elite. While they’re just as dramatic and gorgeous as their predecessors, time (and Twitter) will tell if their onscreen romantic entanglements can hold up to the OG’s bevy of beloved couples. Remember the days when “Chair” just meant something you sit on? 

As we wait to see how GG’s new pairings play out, we’re taking a walk down Fifth Avenue memory lane to reminisce on the many relationships the CW series offered up over the years, ranking them from worst to best. Because even after all this time, we still have a lot of thoughts, feelings, concerns and think pieces in us about the romantic musical chairs that went down on the Upper East side back in the day. Seriously, did any pairings not hook up during its six-season run?

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