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Watch: Short Film ‘Quartz’ About the Eternal Struggle to Create Art

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Watch: Short Film ‘Quartz’ About the Eternal Struggle to Create Art

by Alex Billington
June 7, 2021
Source: YouTube

Quartz Short Film

“Maybe you should just make something! Because you wanted to, and not for any other reason.” Need a bit of a creative boost? Or just want to think deeper about creativity? This short film Quartz is an entrancing, thought-provoking short asking questions and building a narrative on the grand challenge of being creative and creating art. There’s no real introduction provided, just that this is an “existential exploration into the creative process.” But once it gets going you’ll be sucked into the visuals and the questions being asked. I’m fascinated by the way it so quickly makes you think about your own existential worries in your life. This is directed by Drew Danburry, with writing by Drew Barlow, and it’s worth a brief 4 minutes of your time.

Quartz Short

Thank to Twitter for the tip on this. There’s no official description for this, aside from the introduction from Drew Danburry. “Hi! I make music and hand drawn animations and other creative works of art.” Quartz is a “multimedia existential exploration into the creative process.” Made by filmmaker Drew Danburry – you can see more of his work on Youtube or you can follow him on Patreon to support him. The script is written by Drew Barlow. Produced by Ian Carstens. With music by Jake Bellows, cinematography by Drew Danburry & Ryan Gibb, and editing by Vince Roque. The film already premiered at a number of festivals throughout 2019 and 2020. For more info on this, visit YouTube or Patreon. To find more shorts, click here. Thoughts?

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