Vin Diesel Confirms That Cardi B Will Return To The ‘Fast & Furious’ Franchise With Appearance In ‘F10’ Set For 2022

#Roommates, as fans gear up for the highly-anticipated ninth installment in the popular “Fast & Furious” franchise, Vin Diesel recently spilled some exclusive details about Cardi B’s future in the multi-billion-dollar film franchise. During a recent interview at the premiere of “F9,” Vin Diesel said that Cardi B was such an asset to the film, that her character will return in the 10th installment, which is set for a 2022 release.

@EntertainmentTonight reports, Vin Diesel has hopes for Cardi B’s future as a member of the “Fast & Furious” franchise following her upcoming debut in “F9”—and he just gave fans some exclusive info about her new character. Vin broke the news that Cardi’s character Leysa will return for the 10th film in the franchise that is currently scheduled for a 2022 release. “We are very much excited to evolve her character and to expand it to the finale. She made it just in time. She came in “Fast 9” just in time.”

Vin Diesel wasn’t the only one praising Cardi B’s talents in the film, as director Justin Lin also has great things to say about her:

“I love Cardi, you know? I mean, it’s amazing she showed up and within a minute she’s part of the family, right? And I love how when I got together with her, her and Vin were talking about the character because she’s actually really embedded into the overall universe, she’s been around for a long time and this is just the first time we are seeing her, so I’m really excited to explore that character of her. I’ll work with her any day.”

As we previously reported, Cardi spoke about her excitement at joining the franchise earlier this month. “Vin Diesel reached out and he was talking about a role. And I’m like it’s freaking “Fast & Furious,” get me there, put me on a plane. I remember when I saw Ludacris in ‘Fast & Furious’…when I saw Tego Calderón then to see Don Omar, it makes the hood have hope. Being around Vin, he’s just so nice, so dope. He makes you feel so comfortable. I’m just so excited, she said.

“F9” premieres in theaters on June 25th.


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