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Vienna Girardi Pregnant Again After Heartbreaking Twin Miscarriage

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The Bachelor Nation star shared the big news that she is currently expecting! Furthermore, she used this opportunity to also pay a touching tribute to the twin babies she lost prior to getting pregnant again.

Vienna Girardi took to her go-to platform to announce the happy news, much to the excitement of all her followers.

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What made the news even happier is the fact that this comes a bit over three years after Vienna experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage.

At the time, the star was pregnant with twin daughters but unfortunately, she lost them both.

Now, she wrote on her IG account that ‘Heaven’s [rainbow emoji] and Mommy’s [red heart emoji]! I cannot wait to meet you. I’ve waited my whole life for you!’

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As mentioned before, in the same post, the mom-to-be honoured her late baby girls as well by sharing a pic of a onesie that reads: ‘Handpicked for Earth by my sisters, Gia and Mia in heaven.’

For now, it looks like Vienna is keeping pretty much everything else about the pregnancy under wraps, including the due date and how far along she is at this point.

What she did reveal, however, was the fact that she and her best friend, former Miss United States winner, Rachael Todd, are both pregnant at the same time so they get to share the journey together!

‘Getting to experience this with my best friend is the best part,’ one of her Instagram Stories read.

She also talked about how excited she was to finally share the big news with her fans.

‘I have been waiting so long to tell you about this tiny surprise! First, thank you for all the support, love and prayers over the years!’ she gushed on the social media platform.

It’s pretty obvious that Vienna is really excited to meet her rainbow baby. Congratulations!

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