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Trailer Watch: Kate Beckinsale Harnesses Her Murderous Rage in Tanya Wexler’s “Jolt”

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“What is it about gross old men always underestimating women?” asks Kate Beckinsale in a new trailer for “Jolt.” The “Underworld” star plays another kickass lead in Tanya Wexler’s latest, the story of a woman with a dangerous secret.

As Lindy (Beckinsale) explains, “I’ve got this condition. It makes me snap.” The lifelong, rare neurological disorder causes her to experience overwhelming rage and murderous impulses that can only be stopped when she shocks herself with an electrode device. Lindy’s condition has, understandably, affected her love life. When she falls for a man for the first time, she discovers that he’s been murdered the next day, leaving her heartbroken and hellbent on revenge, determined to find his killer.

“You spent years being forced to repress your anger, but now you’ve seen how powerful you can be when you embrace your rage,” Lindy is told.

Earlier this month Beckinsale signed on to star in Catherine Hardwicke’s next feature, “Prisoner’s Daughter.” “Love & Friendship,” “Serendipity,” and “Much Ado About Nothing” are among her other credits.

Wexler’s last film, “Buffaloed,” premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. The Zoey Deutch-starrer is a portrait of a young woman who begins working as a debt collector to escape her hometown. Wexler is also known for directing 2011’s “Hysteria,” the story behind the invention of the first vibrator.

“Jolt” launches on Prime Video July 23.

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