Top 5 business ideas in Tamil Nadu

Nobody today wants to go to their cumbersome nine-to-five job and toil for their bosses. Everyone wants to be their own boss and venture their way in the business sector just to achieve financial independence.

But the question arises are you ready to start your own business? Do you have the expertise or the knowledge about the domain you are willing to do the business in or whether the idea you plan to create will work in that particular location? Well! It is all about research and if you are not proactive individual planning all the necessary details then gambling for a new business is a big no.

In this article, we will be taking into consideration the location factor and try to provide the top 5 business ideas in Tamil Nadu.

What makes Tamil Nadu ideal to start a Business?

Before moving ahead with the ideas, let us go through certain factors which make Tamil Nadu an ideal location for Investors.

Tamil Nadu is the fourth largest state of our country which is bounded by the Indian Ocean to its east and south and it shares the land borders with Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

When it comes to the economy the state exhibits high economic dynamism and human development indicators (it has a literacy rate of over 70%) apart from this the state has a strong infrastructure and attractive investment climate as it is India’s leading hub for knowledge and innovation.

Top 5 business ideas to start in Tamil Nadu

Poultry Farming

Looking at the statistics, Tamil Nadu has the highest poultry population in India. And in recent times the demand for poultry is increasing rapidly and it even holds the potential to grow more.

If you want to venture into the poultry business then the first thing you need to decide is the segment you wish to enter whether it is meat, eggs, chicken breeding, poultry feed, or meat processing.

The business can be said as one the fastest and the most profitable agri-business in Tamil Nadu and you can start the same with some effective financing and utilize it for some essential costs like equipment, land expenses, staff salaries, etc.

IT Consulting

If we talk about Tamil Nadu the first thing that comes to our mind is technology. The state has surely paved its path for strengthening the IT ecosystem.

So, if you have the expertise or skill sets you can effectively provide some value-added IT services, cloud services, ERP consulting, or software consulting. But to be actively working in this field you need to procure certain certificates and licenses and further register your business and you are ready to start.

business ideas in Tamil Nadu

Freelance Copywriter

The person involved with copywriting resolutes himself by writing certain creative and innovative articles, blogs, advertisements, and even taglines. They work on content from different domains. So, if you think you are creative with your writing and have that urge to use some narrative speech to foster your thoughts, then being a copywriter is the best suitable business in Tamil Nadu, as many organizations require them.

Event Management

Event management has not only become a business but it is being taught as a part of the curriculum by many institutions.

Event planning is fun yet tiresome activity but if you have the sense of uniqueness and individuality to bring out an event then this business is surely for you.

In Tamil Nadu as well, event management is riding up to become a top business with many movie industries and advertising firms choosing this state as their primarily shooting sites.

Apart from this, there is always a date for birthday parties, weddings, corporate affairs, and different photoshoots that all require a need for management.

business ideas in Tamil Nadu


Stick to the original! If you do not want to venture into unknown grounds then why not try fishing. It is one of the most common businesses in the state which, though common, is highly profitable.

There is a fishery department in the country which provides you with ample resources to venture into this field. Tamil Nadu even has the “Blue Revolution and State scheme” thus making it easy to start a business. All you need is to abide by the basic rules and regulations of the industry before heading off.


With the changing time, we are able to see many entrepreneurs coming up with various innovative and creative ideas to set their benchmark in the market and we have often seen many failing too just because they were not aware of the nature of the market they are trying to target.

Business surely is not a cup of tea but with proper knowledge and skill sets one can achieve the desired results.

So, if you are positioning your business for a particular location you need to lookup certain factors, like in the article we have provided you with the top 5 business ideas in Tamil Nadu keeping in mind the factors that might make them favorable to start off in that particular state, obviously, there are plenty of ideas available but choosing them according to the viability factor is the key!

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