A guide to tool storage solutions

Every workplace needs an organisation system. For office-based jobs filing cabinets are in order; for garages and workshops, nothing can beat good tool storage. Here is a handy guide to your tool storage solutions.

Roller Cabinets and Chests

Depending on your needs you can look into stationary or roller cabinets. Both are a great option to store your equipment and keep it safe. Let’s take a closer look into the benefits of a roller cabinet or chest.

Used just like stationary ones, roller cabinets for tools have the advantage of being more flexible. You can move them around the work space for your current project and, rather than constantly interrupting your work to get things from the other end of the room, you will have everything next to you, organised and ready to go. When you are done you can easily manoeuvre the roller cabinet or chest to its place, so your room stays tidy.

Roller cabinets and chests come in a variety of sizes and materials. You can find steel and hardwood for a sturdier option or plastic and laminate that are lighter but unable to store too many heavy objects. In terms of size, you can find big and small, and  ones that contain only cabinets or drawers as well as those that have a mixture of both. Depending on what you need the storage for, you should take into consideration if the shelving is too shallow, or deep enough for your needs.

Tool Boxes and Tool Bags

Tool boxes and bags are great to take with you on the road. They can organise your smaller tools and keep odds and ends from being lost. One thing to remember about toolboxes is that they can get heavy. Tool boxes can be made of steel, which offers more durability and holds a lot of weight, or plastic for a lighter, though less durable, alternative. Tool boxes can provide some security for your tools as they can come with locks. Other features may include:

  • Removable trays – to make them lighter or to add storage
  • Tool organiser – to keep everything in place and ready to go
  • Wheels and handles – some boxes will have wheels and handles to make them easier to transport.

Tool bags can give you more hands-free experience. They come with handles and/or straps so you can carry them like a backpack, leaving your hands free. Tool bags are handy as they have one big compartment for larger tools and smaller pockets that can help keep everything organised. The zipper helps keep everything contained and protected from the elements if you are working outside.

Stackable Tool Storage

Stackable tool boxes provide you with the flexibility to take whatever you need with you for your project – they come with wheels and a handle and can be easily moved from one point to another without straining yourself. They come with a latch for secure closure. You can choose the right size for your needs –  deeper ones for heavier and bulkier tools or smaller ones with compartments to keep smaller tools and parts organised. Some come as a set or they can also be bought separately.

Wall Tool Hangers and Pegboards

Another idea (and a real space saver) is a wall tool hanger or pegboard. It will allow you to organise and store your tools so they can be easily reachable or high enough to keep from kids. This way you also save more floor space for heavier items that are better left on the floor or lower shelves.


Workbenches offer a stable surface for working on your projects and can also be convenient with drawers and cabinets. Some workbenches even come with a hanger or pegboard, allowing you to combine two in one, a place to work with convenient access to your tools.

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