Things NOT to Look For When Buying New Running Shoes

Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve you from stress, in order to achieve this you need an ideal outfit which involves shoes, especially if running is the exercise on your mind. Choosing the perfect shoes for running is not an easy task, therefore, making it easy for people to make mistakes while purchasing such as:

The everything shop

If you buy running shoes from a store that deals with a lot of stuff, it might be a bit confusing since such a person won’t have time to give details on the type of shoes you want to select. You might end up not increasing your shoe size when it’s necessary because the person you are dealing with is not an expert. Due to change in technology new brands are created and you might find out that the same shoe size from different companies has different fittings. One can be slightly smaller than the other. Therefore opting for a store that exclusively deals with running shoes will save you both money and time since it easier to sort your issues when dealing with an expert.

The magic bullet 

When purchasing online running shoes and you end up doing it from a shop that deals with all types of footwear so that it can serve you two purposes may be a bit tricky for you. You can’t get shoes that can be used for casual wear, Zumba classes, and still, use them for running, you will end up picking the wrong type of shoes. A worse situation will be if you purchase it from a store whose interest is more on making profits other than fulfilling the customer’s needs.

The she said or he said

Online reviews are a great way of finding out the customer’s response on how a product served them but you cannot also rule out the fact that what serves someone else will automatically serve you. People are built differently and your footwear taste may not automatically be similar to someone else. you might easily end up buying running shoes that you did not take proper foot measurements based on assumptions. This will not only cost you financially but also timely since you would have wasted your time only to end up with running shoes that are not fit for your needs.

When you are a beginner runner, you are most likely not to get your foot measured properly by the store attendant, this process involves taking the correct measurements of the foot which involves heel to toe length, arch length, and foot width.

The arch length is the most common region that is ignored by runners when purchasing running shoes. This is the most critical area that determines the shoes to flex at one spot. It is also essential to ensure that these shoes match the flexing spot for a perfect fit when running.

All the cuteness

When purchasing your shoes, you can easily be blinded by the cute color of the shoes and this appealing feature makes you to end up buying a wrong pair of running shoes. Since most people confuse volume with width if the physical appearance of the shoe is appealing , you won’t have the time to determine the shoe volume by measuring the space inside the shoes. once you get this trick it will be easy for you to purchase the perfect shoe size for yourself.
When you tie your shoes it should always be snug, not too tight or not too loose, this creates comfortability when running and prevents you from hurting your leg due to imbalance. trying to find a perfect fit and a perfect look may be a challenge that’s why it’s better to do the two separately .

The deal of the century

Price does not always determine the quality of the shoes, it does not mean that when you buy an expensive pair of shoes it will serve you better than the ones whose cost is lower. If it means going for a better deal will make you end up spending more in future, then it is better not to take the deal. Cause the running shoes may cause you injuries while training resulting to you spending way much more on a physical therapist for treatment.

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