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The Best Thank You Gifts for Teachers

As the end of the school year edges closer, there are a few things on parents’ minds – how they are going to keep their children entertained over the long summer break and what thank you present they can give the teachers who have spent the year helping their child grow. Stock presents of bottles of wine aren’t always suitable (not all teachers drink alcohol); flowers are beautiful but useless if the recipient is heading on vacation the next day. Toiletries are a popular choice, but how many tubes of hand cream does one teacher need?

If you are looking for ideas, these five suggestions are alternatives to the usual and will ensure your gift is appreciated.

Gift Cards

A gift card is always an excellent choice, especially if you don’t know the recipient’s interests. Opt for a card that can be used at multiple stores and restaurants and consider clubbing together with other families to buy a higher value card so your child’s teacher can really treat themselves.

Homemade Gifts

Teachers love homemade gifts, with a handcrafted card or well-worded letter always being well-received. In a high-pressure, high-responsibility vocational job sometimes being told you are appreciated is all you need, so encourage your child to show their gratitude by sharing their favourite memories. The individualized touch will also mean your gift is more likely to be kept and looked back on fondly – teachers often keep the cards, letters and drawing they are given. Making a present is also an option, from pressing flowers to Hama bead decorations. There is a craft for every age group, so make a gift to show you care.

Practical Gifts

You can’t go wrong with a practical gift and a special pen or notebook is always a useful option for a busy teacher. Consider a personalized option so it doesn’t get lost in the staff room. If you want to give a more unique present, check out Lenovo teachers gifts for fresh ideas. Technology is a huge part of life in the classroom so you will have your finger on the pulse with these items.


Plants are a great gift for teachers and when accompanied by a ‘Thank you for helping me grow’ note are also heartfelt. Whether you choose an easy to care for succulent or a productive chili plant, know that you are helping to create a relaxing environment for your child’s teacher either at home or in the classroom.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is vital and for a teacher who is on the go all day a water bottle is a necessity. There are plenty of choices out there from plastic bottles to glass to metal and at all price points, making it a great gift no matter what your budget.

Remember, teachers don’t expect gifts and are appreciative of anything their students give them. Recognising the long hours and commitment shown throughout the academic year is more than enough, so vocalise your gratitude and wish them a happy summer break. School’s out for summer!

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