Tamar Braxton Has An Important Confession To Make For Her Fans

Tamar Braxton had an important confession to make for her fans and followers. Check it out here.

‘I have a confession to make🙈 I didn’t know ANYTHING about Juneteenth until last year. And that first memory of it wasn’t pleasant. I had written a heartfelt letter to my bosses about their continued abuse and “slave” treatment we were receiving only to be further disrespected by being disregarded and what I would call “punished” for speaking out. That was then. So just like everything else… & me being #underconstruction I’m choosing to change the negative into a positive memory,’ Tamar said.

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She continued and said: ‘This’ Juneteenth, I was asked be a part of something epic and amazing, so I jumped at the chance to use my gift of song… although I wasn’t using it and I often took it for granted by doing what I’d allowed others do with my gift by mistreating and disregarding it. The truth is that I’m very thankful for my gift. It has saved me through tough times when I couldn’t find the words. These lessons that I’ve learned in this year about my struggles and hardships makes me feel so much closer and connected to my ancestors and guides. I thank you & I love you..& I understand my purpose more now than ever.’

She also told fans and followers that ‘Being a close child of God I understand that one of my responsibilities is to always give God the glory and praise that he is due FIRST….I’m always so glad to do so. 🙏🏼 Thank you to @maverickcitymusic @israelnewbreed @phillionaire1911 for having me apart of this project and also @lecrae for this beautiful experience and example of every single day we must praise. Just like #sundaymorning 🌟happy #happyjuneteeth everyone and make sure you create your own amazing memories around this magical, beautiful, glorious holiday. To God be the Glory #wearefree.’

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People offered Tamar love and support via social media. She is recovering after a very tough 2020.

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