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Social media listening is the process of social analytics companies like NetBase Quid to monitor social media for mentions of brands. Social analytics companies can better understand what people are saying about a firm and use that information to make better decisions by monitoring social media.

What is Netbase Quid 

Netbase Quid is an innovative social analytics company that can help you get started with social media listening and social media monitoring on your own. The company offers the following services:

Social Media listening

Social media listening is about understanding the bigger picture, which answers the question ‘why’. Social media listening is the process of social analytics companies like NetBase Quid to monitor social media for mentions of brands. Netbase Quid can better understand what people say about a company and use that comprehension to make significant decisions by monitoring social media. Both social media marketers and businesses have recognized the value of social media listening. Netbase Quid can provide social listening services to anyone, regardless of their social media expertise or what tools they use.

Social Media Monitoring

Netbase Quid also provides social media monitoring services, giving businesses an overall view of what people are saying on social networks. The company has become the leading social analytics platform by delivering real-time insights that help brands understand and engage with their audiences in relevant ways across all digital channels through its proprietary technology stack. NetBase Quid products offer one interface to search, listen, analyze and act upon massive amounts of data from blogs, forums, microblogs like Twitter or Facebook posts in multiple languages worldwide. In addition to English language content for more than 30 countries worldwide, clients have access to a full suite of native social media monitoring and social analytics language capabilities.

Netbase Quid can help you achieve these goals

•Increase social visibility on target audiences worldwide by understanding social influencers and conversations around them;

•Improve customer service efficiency using real-time conversation insights across multiple languages;

•Accelerate marketing performance through our Social Analytics for Content programs, including customized ROI reporting. NetBase’s SaaS platform makes it easy for marketers to access social data on social media channels.

•Comprehend metadata by viewing engagement metrics and authors demographics that could critically impact your business and brand perception.

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•Improve brand loyalty.

•Gain access and entry to real-time social media data, making your business capable of making faster decisions and responding correctly to time-sensitive issues, such as trends or crises.

The market changes every day, and your search criteria will likely shift remarkably and outstandingly over time. This is great since it will help your business stay nimble in a landscape where sure footing is non-existent and the only constant changes. Understand social media and social intelligence to make better decisions, often before your competitors do.

Save your searches in Netbase Quid to keep your market strategy in focus. Stay in the lead! Jump into Netbase Quid resource centre for more information. And be sure to reach out and let them help you level up your market research strategy!

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