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See Lori Loughlin & More Stars Congratulate Teen in Graduation Video

This epic high school graduation present was one money simply just couldn’t buy.
Full House co-stars Lori Loughlin and Bob Saget were among a star-studded ensemble of celebrities that each recorded themselves wishing congratulations to a high school graduate named Faith, whose dad was behind the organization of the precious video.

The very lucky teenager uploaded the sweet clip to TikTok and in the must-see video, Lori—who was released from prison in December following her role in the college admissions scandal—declared, “Congratulations on your big day!” Her former sitcom co-star, Bob, also expressed his own well wishes for the grad, adding, “Wishing you a lot of love and congratulations on graduating from high school.”

The two famous actors weren’t the only stars taking time out to participate in the festivities. Other celebs including Randall Park, Mark Wahlberg, Kat Dennings, Drake Bell, J.K. Simmons and Jonathan Groff—dressed up as his Hamilton character King George III—also sent their heartfelt congratulations.
Although may would assume Faith’s dad was only able to pull this amazing gift off by having a Hollywood connection, that wasn’t the case. As the duo explained in a separate video, he simply reached out to a list of publicists and managers working for the stars his daughter adores.

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