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Score 20% Off The Skinny Confidential’s Game-Changing Ice Roller

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The Hot Mess Ice Roller, which took four years to develop, features a thick pink silicone construction with an aluminum rose gold roller. Besides being the most aesthetically pleasing ice roller on the market, this ice roller has legit magical powers.

“The Hot Mess Ice Roller stays cold AF. When I got home to LA, after being away for a month, I ran to my bedside and my ice roller was sitting there, still cold! Not freezing, but cold,”  the entrepreneur revealed.”The ice roller stays colder than any other I’ve tried. It’s also heavier (½ lb., others are ¼ lb.), more sturdy and made with a baby pink thumbprint specifically to help you apply extra pressure when needed without slipping.”

And if you aren’t already an ice roller fanatic like us, there are so many reasons to start. Ice rollers will reduce puffiness and redness, boost circulation and help your skin look and feel smoother among its many benefits.

“The main purpose behind the product’s creation though, was to fix the puffiness and bloating right from the start,” Lauryn explained. “So many people are focused on the moisturizers and eye creams to help with puffiness, but I wanted to create something that stopped the puffiness in its tracks.”

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