Polaire Air Conditioner Is An Internet Scam For 5 Reasons

Here are all of the reasons why you should not purchase the Polaire air conditioner and why it is not a viable alternative to air conditioning.

If you’re a frequent social media user, you’ve definitely seen advertisements for the Polaire, a personal cooling gadget. The Polaire air conditioner almost seems too good to be true, with claims of effective cooling, low power usage, and a leadership team of experienced air conditioning executives. That’s because it’s the case.

The Polaire air conditioner is one of the more sophisticated internet hoaxes we’ve seen, with all of the advertising and marketing backing it up. The following are all the reasons why you should not purchase the Get Polaire personal cooling gadget.

Polaire Is Just Reselling The Arctic Air Portable Evaporative Cooler

There’s nothing wrong with getting an inexpensive water-cooled swamp fan if you absolutely want one. However, you can find the exact same item that Polaire offers online for $50-100 less. Take a look at these photos of the Artic Air portable air coolers and the Polaire air conditioner. The main difference is that the image on the Polaire website does not include the Arctic Air emblem. Polaire is simply charging 3-5 times more for the Arctic Air Ultra personal cooling device!?

On their website, the Polaire AC costs $150. Even with their advertised 50% discount, purchasing a Polaire air conditioner for $78 is still significantly more expensive than buying one for $17-20 from other online sellers.

Polaire’s Marketing Is Misleading: The Polaire AC Is A Personal Cooling Device, NOT A Mini Air Conditioner

Get Polaire’s marketing is really deceptive. They say that their device can chill a small area and that it was designed with the help of professional air conditioning executives.

Make sure you understand that a “personal cooling device,” such as the Polaire AC, is not a portable air conditioner before you buy one. Essentially, you’re purchasing a miniature swamp cooler, or more precisely, a fan that blows hot air over a wet piece of cardboard.

Before you buy an “alternative to air conditioning” that isn’t actually a portable air conditioner, read the Polaire reviews and compare it to similar goods like the Arctic Air ($20-60). The Polaire reviews on Amazon will offer you a decent indication of what individuals think of their purchases. The majority of clients expect chilly air from these evaporative coolers and are disappointed by how little cooling they really get.

Get Polaire’s Marketing Is Full Of Typos

The GetPoliare website as well as promotional materials for the Polaire air conditioner are riddled with embarrassing typos and misspellings. This is usually a good indicator that the website was not created by a professional company. Here are a few examples of errors we discovered in Polaire’s marketing materials.

built (build)

cooldown (cool down)

humidifyes (humidified)

leightweight (lightweight)

powerfull (powerful)

purfies (purifies) air

wisper (whisper)

Get Polaire’s Website Is Full Of Grammatical Errors

Try reading the strange phrase on the GetPolaire website in terms of grammar. Every sentence is a nightmare for an English teacher. For the site’s content, the GetPolaire web team most likely used language translators. Here are a couple of such instances.

“Polaire’s cartridges are made of our unique breakthrough EvaBreeze® material,” says the company.

“Polaire personal evaporative air conditioners operate on an evaporative principle.”

The fan circulates the moistened and cooled air around you, making it seem like a pleasant breeze.”

Most Of The Get Polaire Reviews Posted Online Are Fake

Polaire’s team has undoubtedly noticed the bad feedback left online by dissatisfied clients. Polaire has begun flooding the Internet with phony reviews praising the Polaire in order to drown out these voices. These aren’t genuine testimonials. They’re all nearly identical, and they’re all on websites with low or no domain authority.

Look for actual individuals giving real reviews for items like the Polaire and the Arctic Air on YouTube. If you find a Polaire review that never mentions any issues, it’s most likely paid advertising or sponsored content.

Polaire Sucks: Don’t Get Caught Up In The Get Polaire Scam

It’s no joy to be uncomfortable heated. Use a fan if you don’t have access to air conditioning or it isn’t an inexpensive choice for you. Don’t fall for the Get Polaire deception. The Polaire air conditioner is a pain to use. It’s a shame that isn’t even close to being a viable alternative to air conditioning. Put a dish of ice water in front of a fan to get the same effect for less money. It’s a low-cost alternative to air conditioning as well as a do-it-yourself personal cooling gadget that anyone can create.

The Polaire Air Conditioner is not a viable air conditioning alternative. It’s all a ruse on the internet. Keep yourself safe out there!

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