Pakistani Restaurants Foods vs Indian Restaurants Foods in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a multi-ethnic country. In order to meet the tastes of different nationalities, there are bound to be many delicacies from various countries gathered in Dubai. There are almost all kinds of national Restaurants and cuisine here, but mainly, the restaurants here are mainly Middle Eastern, European, Indian, Pakistani, and Filipino, and of course, there are various Asian restaurants, such as Japanese, Korean and Thai. Restaurants and more and more Chinese restaurants in recent years.

And Indians are the largest group in Dubai. Indian restaurants mainly focusing on curry are bound to be more popular, but most of them are not well positioned and the environment is not good. Many small Indian restaurants are opened in crowded streets and alleys. Too hygienic and uneven in scale. There are also a small number of relatively high-end Indian restaurants located in downtown or hotels, and the price is naturally rising.

In fact, Pakistani restaurants foods and taste is similar to that of Indian food. It was only because of religious issues that the United Nations separated them from India. Most Pakistani restaurants are also open in the corners and alleys, the environment is also not very good, and there are almost no more advanced Pakistani restaurants.

Compared with Arabic cuisines, Indian and Pakistani cuisines pay more attention to the seasoning of spices. Because the tastes of the two are similar, some Indian and Pakistani restaurants even have similar decoration styles, and even some restaurants have blended India and Pakistan. If you think about it carefully, it’s really hard to tell which country’s taste is. But if you live in Dubai for a long time and eat these good and cheap Indian and Pakistani dishes for a long time, you can still find many differences.

Indian Restaurants Foods

Indian food is mainly curry and various spices, but also accompanied by some barbecue food. Indian restaurants attach great importance to curry, and they especially like to use various spices for seasoning. Therefore, there are many types of curries in Indian food, and the names are also very complicated. If you are not a master of Indian food, you may not be able to call them. Most Indian restaurants have a set meal, 6-8 small bowls on a plate, each bowl contains a small portion of curry, served with rice, soft cakes and crepes, almost all the iconic Indian curries and staples. Into a package. I once asked the waiter at an Indian restaurant how to eat this, but they said that you can eat whatever you like. If you think a certain kind of curry is delicious, you can ask the store to add it, which shows how much Indians love curry.

Indian Restaurants Foods

If you go to some more authentic Indian restaurants, you will also find that many Indians eat very strange food, or strange shapes, or colorful, it seems that the doorway of Indian food is actually quite deep, thinking that they only have curry It’s really short-sighted.

Don’t think that curry is the name of a dish. In fact, curry is a general term for all kinds of spices. Different restaurants will have different spices, which makes the curry in different restaurants different. But in general, the wonderful feeling of beating on the tip of the tongue is the same.

The way to eat Indian food is generally to grab rice or cakes directly with your hands and dip them in the curry to eat. This is similar to Pakistani food. Of course, when foreigners go, they will also provide spare knives and forks.

In addition, it should be noted that due to Hinduism, many Indians do not eat beef, so most Indian restaurants will not provide beef, basically chicken and mutton, and even some Indian restaurants only cook vegetarian food. But Pakistani food is not so taboo.

Pakistani Restaurants Foods

Pakistani Restaurants Foods is similar to Indian Cuisine, also divided into curry and BBQ, but the taste is much heavier. There is no Indian meal that emphasizes the deployment of spices, but the most powerful ingredients are used directly to conquer your taste buds with the most ferocious taste. Therefore, eating Pakistani food is much more refreshing than eating Indian food.

My favorite dish in Pakistani food is a kind of “dry pot” dish. I jokingly call it a “pot”, it is to put meat and various spices and peppers in a small iron pot, put it on high fire, and burn it until the water is dry and oily. It is extremely tender, served with ferocious peppers and spices, and is eaten with a sweet flatbread dipping sauce, which is unparalleled for friends who like spicy food.

When dining in Pakistani restaurants, you can often see a large round iron plate in the kitchen. Many dishes are cooked on this iron plate. Another Pakistani KIMA (transliteration) that I like is to turn spices and minced meat on an iron plate. Fried, fragrant, wrapped in cakes and eaten with endless aftertastes. According to the Chinese way of eating, it is also an excellent choice to pack it back to make bibimbap and bibimbap.

In general, Indian cuisine revels in complex arrangements of spices, while Pakistani cuisine is fierce and direct. It just fits the cunning and tactful character of Indians and the raw and simple characteristics of Pakistanis. It seems that food culture can indeed be linked with national characteristics.

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