Michael Costello Slams Allegations That He Called Boutique Owner Maxie James The ‘N-Word’

Roommates, the drama surrounding fashion designer Michael Costello continues, as various celebrities have shared their experiences of working with him in conditions they describe as intimidating, uncomfortable, humiliating and racist. One of his accusers, Maxie James, who claimed that he called her the ‘N-word’ back in 2014.

Well now, Michael has shot down James’ allegations and firmly denied the situation ever happened–he did, however state that she physically assaulted him inside her clothing store.

His reps shared the following statement:

“Ms. James is in denial of data science provided by Instagram, proving Michael’s innocence. She is promoting violence – as she did beat up Michael in a clothing store – and the published article is only drudging that back up, while re-communicating false information that’s been debunked. We are devastated that this story is getting picked up and re-shared and urgently want to convey the facts. Michael vehemently denies Ms. James’ abhorrent lies that he called her the N-word. He is heartbroken that she continues to spread these lies to defame him.”

As we previously reported, Maxie James detailed her experience with Michael Costello. “Wew! On[e] think about that karma boy! It aaaaalways finds its way back around! Even if it’s 7 years later! Michael Costello got the nerve to be playing victim of being bullied, but called his self bullying 7 years ago, and called me a “Black Ni**er B**ch” in a fabric store downtown he had the wrong one tho cus I most certainly whooped his a** almost went to jail too. Thank God for his mercy Cus I certainly LOST IT I never experienced racism before All I knew to do was FIGHT”

We’ll keep you posted as the story continues to develop.


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