October 6, 2022


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Mattie Do’s “The Long Walk” Acquired by Yellow Veil Pictures

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Mattie Do’s latest has secured North American distribution. Yellow Veil Pictures snagged rights to “The Long Walk” and is planning an early 2022 release, a press release announced. The film made its world premiere at last year’s Venice Film Festival.

Described by Do as an “unconventional time travel thriller set in a forgotten rural village in Laos,” “The Long Walk” centers on an elderly man who has the power to travel back in time.

“I want people to think about how short life is, and wonder what their decision-making process would be in a situation where they could possibly make changes or influence their own outcome,” Do explained in an interview with us. “I want people to know that life is short and that we don’t get redos, but that as life moves on, we have to take solace in how our future becomes firmly cemented as a part of our overall person.”

“The Long Walk” is Do’s third feature. She previously helmed “Dearest Sister” and “Chanthaly.” The former was selected as the Laotian entry for Best Foreign Language Film — now known as Best International Feature Film — at the 90th Academy Awards, marking the first time that Laos has submitted a film for consideration in the category. She is considered Laos’ first and only woman director.

“I’m beyond excited that my film has finally found a legitimate home with a company that has experience, knowledge, and zeal for unique and daring new genre stories. I couldn’t be happier to see ‘The Long Walk’ entrusted to a passionate and dedicated company like Yellow Veil,” Do commented.

Hugues Barbier, Co-Founder of Yellow Veil Pictures, added, “We have been following Mattie’s career closely since her breakthrough debut feature, ‘Chanthaly,’ and we are beyond excited to be able to bring to the North American audiences her latest film ‘The Long Walk.’ [The film was] acclaimed by critics and audiences all over the world during its festival run, and we hope this release will bring even more attention to one of the most inspiring filmmakers in recent memory.”

Asked what advice she’d give other women directors, Do told us, “Believe in your vision, but vet it through your team and key collaborators. We need to be able to know what we want, but also realize the boundaries of when we are wrong and should adjust accordingly. Don’t back down,” she emphasized. “As women — especially women of color — we have to fight doubly if not triply hard to launch one of our projects, so don’t give up and be aware that you’re going into a fight where you’re going to get punched again and again. Be ready for it.”

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