Makeup Essentials for Beginners That You Can’t Leave Out

The makeup industry is vast and diverse in this day and age and people feel more confident and themselves when they wear makeup. But maybe makeup really isn’t your thing and that’s completely okay. But if you’re a beginner to the makeup world, here are a few makeup essentials for those who are just starting out.


Foundation is really the starting point after you have prepped your skin. Foundation is the first step to makeup. It’s important to find the right tone and right brand that works for your skin because each brand has its own unique formula when it comes to beauty products. You can use a beauty sponge to absorb and apply the foundation to avoid it looking flaky.


Just like the name, concealer conceals and covers any marks, dark circles, or blemishes to make your skin look better. Although it can be difficult to handle and master, practice makes perfect. Hydrating concealers are good to soften any lines on your skin. It is also important to find the right shade for your skin type to make it look more natural.


Blush is also a useful little product to have because it can make your cheeks pop out and avoid your makeup looking flat from the foundation. Be careful not to use too much because we want to maintain a natural flush.


Eyeliner is important to make your eyes pop out. If you’re a beginner, it might be easier to start with a pencil eyeliner because it is less fussy and easier to handle. The liquid eyeliner fits for people with a bit more experience because it is harder to remove if you mess it up. Or you can try with the pencil liner first and then the liquid liner to add a final finishing touch.

At ilashas we strive to make your eyelashes look beautiful in every way you imagined but we do not forget about the eyebrows.


There are different types of mascara whether you want to lengthen your lashes or add volume to them. This is easier to use and makes your eyelashes stand out and it adds good volume, darkens your lashes, and curls them to perfection.

kosas mecca
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Lipstick is great to add a little colour to your final look. Whether it’s a matt or a glossy look, lipstick helps your makeup stand-out. There are different brands that can help you do this such as Kosas Mecca. Lip gloss is perfect if you’re in a rush and don’t have a mirror to check because it’s hard to mess up.

Setting spray

If you’re doing a lot of makeup with bronzer, highlights and others, a setting spray or a powder will be good to maintain your look for the rest of the day. Setting spray protects your make up and makes it long-lasting.

There are many other products you can use as well and several tools and brush types you should learn to be familiar with as you practice such as fan brushes (for highlighter), face brush (for foundation), eye shadow brush, a beauty blender and more.

A lot of people starting to get into makeup forget to buy setting spray as well, but it is important if you want your makeup to last throughout the day or long periods of time. Regardless this was just a small guide to kick start your new journey into makeup.

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