October 1, 2022


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Lisa Rinna Shows Off Her Sultry Dancing In A Risque Ensemble And Long Blonde Wig And Looks As Young As Her Daughters!

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Lisa Rinna looks amazing and she knows it! The reality TV star took to her platform to share a pic in which she was rocking sexy lingerie and a long blonde wig with bangs and dancing in front of the camera.

The short clip was taken during one of her photoshoots and fans could not believe how sizzling hot the 57 year old TV personality looks!

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In fact, many pointed out that she did not look much different from her daughters, Delilah and Amelina, who are both in their early 20s!

‘Heidi is Coming…..,’ she wrote in the caption.

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This comes not too long after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills celeb also posed in a bathing suit with the American flag pattern to mark the Fourth of July celebrations!

Furthermore, she made headlines for addressing her daughter, Amelia’s relationship with Scott Disick on a RHOBH episode as well.

With that being said, she admitted that finding out about it for the first time felt like a ‘WTF moment.’

‘She’s 19. He’s 37 with three kids. Hello? I’m a lot nervous about it. We are thinking it’s a phase, right? It is a phase. I do not want to bring attention to it.’

She went on to, once again, express her concern about their age gap during a confessional.

‘I only know Scott Disick from the Kardashians and Scott was with Kourtney, not married. They have three children. Oh, God. Amelia has had struggles in the press, but it’s now a new headline. No one is talking about the eating disorder anymore and you know what, thank God. As a mother, I’m like, ‘Good.’ This gives her another label to deal with.’

Amelia and Scott were first linked together after appearing at a Halloween party in October of last year when she was still only 19 years old.

Since then, they’ve gotten more and more inseparable.

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