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One of the best examples of success with hope is Sir Winston Churchill.

His candor, ingenuity, and conviction helped him to lead England from the dark shadow of WWII to a Nazi victory over Germany.

It’s not just my opinion, here are a few more:

When Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of England’s web design, the German army “cleared the planet city after the bombing of England” at all hours of the day or night. “No one knew whether the British government would be able to hold another church.”

Despite the dire situation of the Nazis running in France, Belgium and Holland. Joseph P. Kennedy, the American ambassador to London, “told Washington that Britain was doomed.”

Cameron C. Taylor wrote, “In the face of the gloom and turmoil and in the face of what seemed to others to be impossible, Churchill took the place of hope and determination.” (* 8 Qualifications for Big Discovery by Cameron C. Taylor)

Churchill understood the power of hope to lay the foundation for victory.

The day he took office, Churchill wrote, “I felt like I was going through the motions that my previous life was preparing for this case … and I was pretty sure I shouldn’t have failed.”

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In 1910, Churchill declared, “I am one of those who believe in a better world.” “Reduce negative thoughts”. In 1916, “in a letter to his officers in the French canals, Churchill urged: ‘Have a good laugh, and teach your men to laugh … If you can smile, we have. I’m off the road until you can.'”

On May 13, 1940, Churchill delivered his first State of the Union address. He said, “You ask,” What is our purpose? I can answer in one word: Victory … Give us … I have taken my job and moved with hope, I am convinced that our cause cannot be defeated. “(Winston Churchill, The Second World War, Volume II, The Finest Hour of them)

Shortly after becoming Prime Minister in 1940, Churchill was “advised of a plan of destruction to be used in the event of Germany’s complete invasion of Britain.” “He would not allow the planning of events to fail, knowing that it would inevitably come out and give birth to hope.”

Tip: “The royal family and senior members of the government will be deported to Canada. Churchill opposed the proposal, adding, ‘We will wake them up the day they attempt to invade our island” (Celia Sandys and Jonathan Littman, “We Will Not Succeed”)

Even in the most difficult of times, Churchill remained optimistic and confident that they would succeed.

During the B.B.C. Broadcasting, Churchill announced: “We are determined to destroy Hitler and all the elements of the Nazi regime. In this case, nothing will make us worthless. We will never imitate, we will never negotiate with Hitler or any of his factions. We will fight him on land, we will fight him at sea until with God’s help, we remove the earth from its shadow. ”

“Churchill not only saw reasons for hope and confidence in the darkest days of World War II but he was able to infuse his unique combination of stoicism and optimism into the very backbone of the nation, the armed services, and his own staff.”

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