Lana Del Rey Looks Radiant In Floral Bathing Suit On Her Birthday – Shares Pic With Lookalike Cake!

The singer took to her platform to share a picture of herself in a bathing suit, looking radiant on her birthday! Furthermore, she was also holding a cake shaped like a Barbie doll that resembled her quite a lot!

Lana Del Rey just turned 36 years old and judging by the post she shared to mark the special day, she had a really special one!

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The snap she posted shows her in a blue and yellow floral bathing suit top and a pair of denim shorts.

Furthermore, since it was her birthday, a cake could not have missed, which is why she can be seen holding a Barbie cake seemingly made to look like her, wearing an edible, frilly pink ballgown.

In the caption, Lana expressed gratitude towards all of her loves ones for being ‘the center and happiness of my life.’

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She went on to say that ‘Every day I get on this earth is a good day. Thank you God for giving me another one.’

Alongside the pic of herself, Lana also included a second picture, this one of pink geraniums, and explained that it had a sentimental meaning to her.

In the lengthy caption, the singer also wrote to her photographer Caroline Gran who is currently expecting a baby.

That being said, she explained that when her own parents were pregnant with her, they had no idea if they’d have a boy or a girl.

At the time, they told her grandma to ‘plant pink geraniums,’ reason for which that pic was included.

‘Maybe we can plant a flower for this little one too. Whatever color you like,’ Lana said to the expectant parent. How sweet! It really sounds like they are very close.

All in all, it doesn’t seem like Lana is upset at all to be on the other side of her 30s now and is actually enjoying life like never before!

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