KUWTK: Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Reportedly Have A Very ‘Complex Relationship!’- Details!

Amid new speculations that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are back together as a couple, one insider claims to know that the two have a rather complex relationship! So what does that mean for their alleged romantic reunion?

First of all, the source told HollywoodLife that the constant attention towards their relationship from the public has really felt like ‘a lot.’

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The latest reconciliation rumor started when the co-parents were caught flying to New York City together with their 3-year-old daughter, Stormi a few days ago.

The reason why they all travelled there was to support the rapper at the Parsons Benefit where he was expected to receive an award.

But the makeup mogul’s mere presence at the event was not what fueled the rumors!

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After all, fans know that Kylie and Travis have never stopped being in each other’s lives in the aftermath of their breakup.

Instead, since they share a child, they have been interacting as co-parents and even friends!

What caused many to think they are back together, however, was the fact that Travis called Kylie his ‘wifey’ and told her he loved her as well as their child!

Not only that but they also packed a little bit of PDA on the red carpet as well!

‘Kylie and Travis have a wonderfully complex relationship that is full of complete support. And being together for each other and co-parenting is job number one for them both,’ the source tells HollywoodLife.

‘While Kylie and Travis are ‘very happy right now,’ their public relationship has been ‘a lot’ for the two, who split in 2019 after two years together. She and Travis are very, very happy now. But they’re also young and the pressure of having everybody trying to figure out their relationship and having opinions, is a lot.

The insider mentioned that it’s very important for Kylie to do what makes her happy, regardless of what the public thinks and apparently that’s what she’s been working on a lot lately.

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