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Katie Thurston Threatens to Quit Bachelorette in Tense Preview

Last season, Clare Crawley left The Bachelorette after just four episodes when she found love with Dale Moss. Now, it’s Katie Thurston‘s turn, and it seems she might not last long either—but for an entirely different reason. 

ABC revealed a sensational sneak peek at her run on Monday, June 7, during the season 17 premiere. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies because, in the preview, Katie breaks down in tears and even threatens to leave the show.

Naturally, fans are only given bits and pieces of the drama, but things appear to take a turn for the worse when an ambulance is called during a game of Bash Ball. Hunter tells the camera, “This isn’t a game. This is someone’s life.” One contestant tackles another and his head slams into the turf. The ref blows the whistle and a medic is called, before the scene cuts to an ambulance speeding away. 

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