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Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee & Meghann Fahy Reflect On “Bittersweet” Last Season – ATX – Deadline

The stories of Jane Sloan, Kat Edison and Sutton Brady will soon come to a close as Freeform’s The Bold Type nears its series finale. Before the final chapters, stars Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee and Meghann Fahy reunited to reflect on their on-screen and off-screen journeys for ATX Television Festival.

“I’m filled with so much gratitude that we got to do five seasons of a show,” Dee said during the Saturday panel. “Things end when they’re supposed to. Our job as humans is to go with the flow, so we’ll just go with the flow.”

Joined by showrunner Wendy Straker Hauser, and co-stars Melora Hardin and Stephen Conrad Moore, the stars reveled in the final moments with their Bold Type family. As difficult as it may be to wrap a series after five years, let alone during the Covid-19 pandemic, the panelists said they were glad to knew that it was coming to an end.

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“It’s definitely bittersweet, but I think it’s a privilege of having the information that you are ending…it allowed us to be intentional in real life when filming the show,” Stevens said.

Knowledge of a series finale gave the Bold Type crew the chance to properly prepare for goodbyes on-screen and behind the camera. While Straker Hauser opted not to pick up new arcs for the final chapter, Dee prepared a playlist that helped the cast and crew remember their time on the series upon the last days of filming.

The stars, without revealing too much, teased their characters’ final arcs. Fahy said she’s “super pleased with Sutton’s journey” from assistant to stylist, Stevens shared that she’s content to have collaborated with Wendy to define Jane’s ending, and Dee said she was “completely surprised” with Kat’s final scenes. After looking into what the future episodes hold for their characters, the stars remembered notable moments from the Freeform show.

Throughout its five-season run, The Bold Type has tackled a number of topical subjects – from cancel culture and the #MeToo movement to the BRCA mutation and the liberal/conservative divide. While The Bold Type did not solve social issues on-screen, the series prompted conversation and understanding, Dee said.

Straker Hauser added that the series’ discussion of timely subjects will allow the series to continue impacting viewers even years after it ends.

“I think the show is going to be discovered for years to come,” Straker Hauser said. “We have made this really impactful show and I don’t think we have even scratched the surface for how impactful the show’s going to be.”

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