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Install a solar system what is the budget? Is it worth it?

I believe that many people here probably know or are familiar with solar energy very well. Because solar energy is a renewable energy that is pollution-free or does not affect the environment.

Unlike the production of electricity, oil or coal, it can also be used in the household sector. Agricultural and industrial sectors but have you ever wondered how Install a solar system How much budget do you need? And is it worth it?

Installing a solar cell system or Solar Roof is to turn solar energy into electricity.

Many people understand that installing this system may require a high investment budget from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, which is how true this story is? Today we will bring everyone to solve their concerns together.

Installation of a solar cell system or solar rooftop from the information of the home builders association. It has been stated that the solar panels installation is to produce electricity with solar energy by installing solar panels popularly installed on the roof of houses or buildings.

When the panel receives solar energy, it will pass through an inverter or inverter. Then it will supply power to all kinds of electrical equipment. As for the installation of solar cells, there are both on-grid and off-grid systems. If it is an on-grid system, it is the installation of a solar cell system that must be connected to the provincial electricity authority or the metropolitan electricity authority.

While off-grid installation is solar cell installations that do not need to be connected to electricity can use electricity even in remote areas or inaccessible to electricity.

Save electricity bill: A huge benefit

The highlight of installing a solar cell system is that it saves on electricity bills for on-grid solar cell system installation during the day; the system will use electricity from the solar rooftop. When the electricity in the house exceeds the Solar Rooftop’s production, it will turn to the electric system of the automatic electricity system. In addition, the solar rooftop can sell the electricity back to the electricity utility. But the homeowner or seller must contract and comply with the terms of the electricity.

Is the installing system or solar panels are expensive?

For the question of whether installing a solar cell system is expensive, how much budget do you need?

In fact, it may be inexpensive. But if you want to use a lot of electricity must invest high Give an example to make it easier to understand. For example, installing a 5 kwp solar rooftop system would require 35 square meters of roof space and approximately 12000 dollars in investment including installation and permits.

The price can vary between 2 to 2.7 per kW depending on the type of roof and complexity of the installation, and the time of investment payback can be between 5 to 10 years So, it’s the period of full profit.

You see the principle of installing solar panels not only saves electricity bills or sells electricity back to the electricity grid but also profit from installation.

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