Insights on certification courses for mechanical engineers

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and most vast fields of engineering. Mechanical engineering applies the different principles of mechanics in designing, analyzing, and manufacturing mechanical systems. Mechanical engineering involves the use of laws of energy etc for making machines that help in making the lives of humans easy.

There is various PG Certification Program that helps students to gain practical as well as theoretical knowledge of dismantling machines and putting them back to work. In order to enroll in PG mechanical engineering course, you must have a B.Tech degree in the same specialization with a minimum aggregate percentage required by the university or college.

Interested students must be well versed with the knowledge of important skills for mechanical engineering courses. The skills required include designing skills, research skills, technical skills, project management, creativity the ability to work under pressure, etc. In the Certification Courses For Mechanical Engineers, one will be able to learn about mechanics, thermodynamics, material science, structural analysis, physics, CAD, Product lifecycle management, and mathematics.

Let us have a look at some of the listed certification courses:

  • Diploma in Oil and Gas: This is yet another effective option for individuals who are seeking a job in the oil and gas industry. This is one of the largest industrial sectors and this course is ideal for a candidate who is interested in finding employment in this field. This course will help in providing technical and management skills. This course covers about oil and gas sector and has diverse options of jobs.
  • PG Diploma in Piping and Pipeline Engineering: This is an important aspect of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. This engineering course deals with the design and layout of the piping network and equipment in the process plant. The layout is from the complete blueprint of the plant are used in plant construction at the site. This course helps in improving the technical skills and even helps in expanding the career potential.
  • Welding inspection course: This course is effective for individuals who are looking for a bright career in the oil and gas industry as a welding inspector. This certification course improves inspection skills and even helps in bringing one to expand career potential.
  • Two Wheeler Mechanism: This course provides vast knowledge about the working principle of two-wheelers, part identification, assembling, dismantling, maintenance & even repairing. This course improves technical skills and even enhances career potential and develops models exclusively.
  • MEP Course: this is one of the added certification courses for mechanical and electrical stream students. MEP system in the building is very important and it is important in planning, documentation, cost estimation, and even construction. This course is the art of planning, designing, and even managing the MEP system of the building. In this course, M focuses on heating, cooling, etc. E focuses on providing electrical power and making electrical circuits and P focuses on water supply and sewage.


Mechanical engineers need to analyze how mechanical devices work and even explore the problems associated with it. They are responsible for overseeing the manufacturing procedure for different mechanical devices.

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