Indications You Need an Air Conditioner Filter Replacement

Do you often forget about your air filters? Well you’re not alone!

We understand that everyday life is hectic, and many homeowners overlook this basic maintenance job. Several variables determine the frequency with which you should replace your air filter. An air filter should be replaced every one or three months.

Here are signs to remind you that it’s time for air filter replacement:

Home is Uncomfortably Hot Due to Malfunctioning A/C

When the unit’s rear becomes too hot, it’s a sure indication that your A/C filter needs to be replaced. You may even feel warm air flowing out of its rear if the filter is extremely filthy.

The air conditioner has to work harder to keep the home cool when the filter is blocked. This will result in more frequent A/C repairs, causing your system to live shorter than expected. Reduce the load by replacing the A/C filter regularly. Contact an expert for reliable air conditioning in Rossville, GA.

The Temperature Isn’t Cold Enough

Various issues may be blamed for decreased A/C efficiency. You should examine if your air conditioner isn’t cooling or is blowing warm air. A clogged air filter prevents that cool, refreshing air from passing through, leaving you sitting in a puddle of sweat.

If the air filter isn’t the issue, an expert HVAC service specialist should look into it and conduct the necessary maintenance and professional air conditioning in Rossville, GA.

The Cost of Electricity Has Increased

When your energy bill suddenly increases, it may be tough to figure out what’s causing it. It may be due to a broken component, or your whole system is malfunctioning. Homeowners like you should anticipate higher energy costs throughout the summer months, especially if you rely on your system a lot.

On the other hand, a filthy air filter may be the cause of a higher-than-normal energy cost. This is why HVAC preventive maintenance is so critical. Your cooling system will run more effectively if it is well-maintained. Contact a specialist today for dependable air conditioning in Rossville, GA.

You’re Experiencing More Allergic Reactions

When it comes to replacing air filters, allergy patients need to be very vigilant. The air filter collects dust, pollen, and pet dander. When the filter gets saturated with pollutants, the pollutants are blown out and circulated in your house. As a consequence, you’ll be subjected to more frequent allergy attacks.

Your air conditioner may have a good or bad effect on your health. Instead of worsening the interior air quality of your house, use the air conditioner to enhance it. Maintain a clean air filter and consider installing an air purifier. Symptoms should start to go very quickly.

Your Air Vents Collected Dust

Finding dust on surfaces and furniture near the vents is another indication of a filthy air filter. When you compare these surfaces to other surfaces that are farther away, you’ll notice a significant difference. It’s a clear indication that your air filter needs to be replaced if the surfaces closest to the vents are dustier than others.

The “white sheet test” is a smart method to detect whether the air filter is filthy. For at least one hour, hang a clean white sheet about 5 inches away from one of the vents. You have a dirty air filter if the sheet becomes gray. The dirtier the filter, the grayer the sheet.

Call for Professional Air Conditioning Service in Rossville, GA

Do you need an expert’s help with your filter replacement? You can rely on Ryan Heating & Airto provide your air conditioning needs in Rossville, GA. Their experts are licensed and highly trained to keep your cooling system in top shape all summer. Contact them today at (423) 903-5955.

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