‘In The Heights’ Teams With Gold Open For A #LatinXGoldenOpen Campaign


Get Ready to glow up with the In The Heights premiere. Lets smash those musical records, with an opening weekend of Gold Open.

The Latinx and Asian communities are the two most frequent movie-going populations in the country. Gold Open began as a movement for Asian led films is now teaming up with the Latin community to bring success to Latino stories across big screens in the US. In a statement from “Moreover, our struggles are highly concentric: we have the highest rate of immigration and multigenerational households of any group in the United States, creating multiple identities. And, while this may be out of turn to say, this feels like the Latinx community’s Crazy Rich Asians moment; we all know what that did for us–so let’s help ensure it for another deserving community.” Get ready to explore three days in the New York City Dominican-American neighborhood of Washington Heights from Tony Award-winners Lin-Manuel Miranda and Qiara Alegria Hudes. A bodega owner has mixed feelings about closing his store and retiring to the Dominican Republic after inheriting his grandmother’s fortune. In The Heights is set to open this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, ahead of its theatrical release.

“It is such an honor to open the 20th anniversary Tribeca Festival with ‘In the Heights,’” Lin Manuel Miranda said. “We’re so excited to welcome them uptown! This will be an unforgettable night at the United Palace. We can’t wait to share this musical love letter to our community, with our community, in our community.”

Directed by “Crazy Rich Asians” filmmaker Jon M. Chu, the film adaptation of “In the Heights” stars Anthony Ramos as Usnavi along with a cast that includes Leslie Grace, Melissa Barrera, Olga Merediz, Corey Hawkins and Jimmy Smits.

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