How to Clean a Diamond Ring: Best Solution to Keep it Sparkling Forever

If you own a diamond ring, it’s like a valuable asset that should be well-maintained forever. Needless to say, if the diamond ring is your engagement ring, the value gets more than anything else that you need to take care of it to keep it sparkling forever.

You may wonder cleaning an engagement ring is tough if you try it at home. But you can do it without professional help if you have basic ideas. It’s better to take the ring to the professional jeweller once a year, but you can do the regular maintenance at home.

Store it in a Safe Place: First, you need to ensure keeping your diamond ring in a safe place. You should keep other jewellery items separate from your diamond ring. Otherwise, there could be reactions, and the metals can lose their temper and get damaged easily.

You should also avoid keeping it in a place where sunlight, extreme temperature, and the damped condition is visible. Make sure it’s stored in good weather, temperature, and surroundings.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals: If you want to clean your diamond ring, avoid harsh or abrasive chemicals or solutions. It could be bleach, chlorine, and other products that damage the diamond cuts quality immediately.

Don’t keep your diamond with chemical contacts for a long time. Make sure it’s kept safe and gently when you hold it.

Avoid Wearing When Your Hands are Busy: If you are actively working somewhere that requires your hands, you should remove the diamond ring. For example, when you are cleaning the closet, washing clothes, dishwashing in the sink, gardening, and doing other jobs like that, it’s a threat to wear your diamond ring there.

You can lose your ring, or the quality can be damaged easily.

Use Baking Soda to Clean: It’s time to clean your diamond ring. You can use baking soda (1-2 teaspoons) with a mixture of water. Keep the wedding ring in the solution for a few minutes. Dap it and pat dry after rinsing. You will get a satisfying sparkling look from your diamond-like professional cleaning.

Use Dishwashing Liquid:You can use a regular dishwashing liquid with a water mixture to clean the inner dirt of your diamond engagement ring. Please don’t soak the ring for a long time and let it sit for about a few minutes.

Provide Daily Maintenance: You should always keep your diamond ring clean with a soft and clean cloth without any cleaning agent. It will help ensure the diamond ring quality look like a new sparkling one. You get to use lotion, oil, and the ring attracts dirt and other stuff easily. Therefore, maintaining the ring regularly will help ease your tasks when deep cleaning it with cleaning agents.

Moreover, take your diamond ring to the jeweller if you find anything unusual, and it won’t remove cloudy appearance. Don’t push yourself with anything unknowingly on your diamond ring.

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