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How does the RAV4 Air vent work?

The RAV4 Air Vent will assist you to do simply that. Developed with security in mind, the air vent can be utilized in either the front or back windows of your lorry and has a manual switch so that you can select when it’s on or off. It likewise uses adaptability by having the ability to operate at any angle, which suggests whether you have kids who require protection from the sun or animals who like to sit beside an open window, this item will accommodate them both. With this affordable device for your cars and truck, you’ll never ever once again fret about the sensation of being too hot while driving on those hot summer season days!


Make certain you have the devices to set up the gadget. You will require a screwdriver, scissors, and Allen wrench for this setup. Loosen up the screws around your vehicle’s vents with the two screwdrivers. Cutaway any flaps or frills that are disrupting airflow into your vents with scissors. Take care to not cut too far into the vent since you do not wish to harm your cooling system. Switch off your lorry’s cooling system while setting up due to the fact that it will blow hot air onto what you are dealing with if switched on throughout the setup. Loosen the vent cover by utilizing the Allen wrench. Set Up the RAV4 Air Vent into location, screwing it into location. It ought to fit comfortably however if you are having a problem with the tightness of the screws, utilize a little bit more muscle! Take care not to scratch your car and truck’s surface area when installing this gadget. Switch on your cooling system to evaluate out how well this item works for you prior to repealing in your cars and truck! Usage hot glue or other strong adhesives around vents if required to keep the Air Vent in place throughout high speeds and doglegs so that it does not fall off while you are driving on a rough surface This action is optional since these items are developed to remain in the location however it will offer you a longer-lasting efficiency from your Air Vent.

Keep in mind!

The RAV4 air vent was developed to assist keep a healthy temperature level inside your lorry throughout hot days. It does this by flowing the air around the vehicle so that it is cooler. The quality of air in your cars and truck will be cleaner too since the air vents are getting rid of dust particles. This is a manual switch so that you can turn it on or off at whatever time is convenient for you. This item will make you feel more revitalized on those hot days.

You can utilize it in both the front and back windows of your car. This is really valuable because many people being in the front of their vehicles however still wish to delight in some flow within their cars and truck on a hot day. You have the ability to manage just how much air you are managing by turning the knob on the side of the vent. You can even remove it if required. You simply press them out one by one and after that pull them out from behind for simple elimination and setup. These vents fit well into any car and truck due to the fact that they have an adjustable frame that permits them to move up and down without sticking or breaking off in time as lots of other items do after regular use.

How does it work?

The RAV4 Air Vent assists keep a healthy temperature level inside your automobile throughout long drives on hot days, producing a satisfying flight where you do not need to stress over cooking or melting into your seat! The Air Vent includes 2 screens that connect to the front and rear windows of your car like suction cups. When put correctly within 3 inches of each other, they form an airflow tunnel that avoids warm breezes from permeating through fractures near the window panes; it likewise keeps rain and other aspects out of the cars and trucks.

The toggle switch lets you select to turn it on or off depending upon your requirements.

The item reduces extreme light developed by roadway glare. The premium product makes it simple to tidy, permitting you to keep its efficiency for many years! It’s likewise backed by a 2-year service warranty, so if anything fails with this, the business will change it free of charge within 2 years from the purchase date. There are no unique setup actions required– merely eliminate the sticker label support from the suction cups, connect them to your windows near each other (however a minimum of 3 inches apart), turn the toggle switch situated in between the screens towards either “Vent” or “No Vent” and you’re prepared to go! This keeps hot air out and lets fresh, cool air in.


Conclusion paragraph: The RAV4 Air Vent is an ingenious method to keep your automobile cool and comfy on hot days. It’s likewise simple to set up, utilizing the supplied directions that include it. If you believe this might be best for you, call us today!

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