How Do I Choose the Best Solar Company in My Local Area?

Did you know that around one in seven American homes will have rooftop solar panels by 2030? Solar panels can give you a more reliable power source, reduce your electric bill, and qualify you for tax incentives. 

In addition to saving you money, solar energy is great for the environment. Installing solar panels on your house can reduce greenhouse gasses, improve air quality, and reduce fossil fuel usage. 

Are you ready to find the best solar company to install solar panels on your house? If so, keep reading to learn how to find a professional solar panel company. 

Read Online Reviews

When looking for the best solar panels, the first step is to read online reviews. You can read reviews on a company’s website, social media pages, and on review websites such as Yelp. 

When reading online reviews, pay attention to reviews that mention customer service, maintenance, and job quality.

If you see a series of bad reviews mentioning the same issues, that is a sign that you should choose a different company. 

Consider Experience

Before you install a solar energy system, you should consider experience. Choosing a company with plenty of experience means they will have more past reviews, more solar technology knowledge, and better warranties. 

To find out how much experience a company has, you can ask and check their website. If you are looking for a company with plenty of experience, this URL is a good place to start. 

Get Multiple Quotes

When looking for the best solar panel installation company, you should get several quotes before choosing one. While you want a good deal, you shouldn’t base your decision on price. 

The quotes from solar panel companies should be simple to understand, and they should mention the total cost per watt. They also should include the cost of installation, applicable warranties, and any extra charges. 

When getting quotes from solar panel companies, watch out for overly optimistic companies.

If multiple companies tell you that your house doesn’t get enough sunlight for solar panels, be wary of the company that tells you it does. 

Check Credentials

Before you choose a solar panel installation company, make sure the company is licensed and insured. Solar panel installation license requirements vary in each state, so know your state’s requirements. 

In addition to having a license, solar panel installation companies have the option to become NABCEP certified. Having a NABCEP certification means that the company meets safety, quality, and ethical standards. 

Before you hire anyone to work on your house, you should make sure the company has business insurance. Company insurance will cover any accidents that happen during the installation process. 

Are You Ready to Find the Best Solar Company?

Installing solar panels is a great way to lower your electric bill, reduce your environmental impact, and have a more reliable power source.

If you are ready to install solar panels, keep these tips in mind to find the best solar company.

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