How ActiveCampaign Can Change Your Marketing Game

ActiveCampaign is a great software for small to mid-sized businesses looking to improve their marketing and sales. The company was founded in 2003 and since then has been growing significantly. Today, the company has over 850 employees and operations spanning several offices. The company is focused on providing a marketing solution that encompasses all aspects of online marketing. From e-mail marketing to sales automation to marketing automation; this software can do it all for you and elevate your online sales and marketing game to the next level.

In this piece, we will be discussing at length how this software can help you improve your marketing online and how you can increase sales. If you want a CRM which helps you do all of this and more; then keep reading to learn if ActiveCampaign CRM is up for the task!

ActiveCampaign Features

Web Analytics

The first feature in ActiveCampaign we want to talk about is the web analytics feature. This feature opens up an entire realm of new possibilities. Web analytics help you improve your website and online marketing platforms significantly which in turn allows you to increase sales since customers are more likely to interact and purchase from a page that is carefully curated and built to be displayed on their mobile or computer device. The software can integrate google analytics as well which allows you to monitor the performance of your email marketing campaigns as well. All in all, the web analytics for this software are great and help you recognize what techniques work best for your business and sales.

Personalized Emails

Email marketing is one of the main ways businesses get the word out about themselves these days. ActiveCampaign has a great tool for creating email marketing campaigns. The software helps you choose from a variety of email templates, allows you to create engaging emails, and much more; all of which helps you create a successful email marketing campaign. The software also helps send the email to your contact list and further displays information about how well your marketing campaign did by displaying click rates and more which allow you to know what you should do in the future and what you should avoid!

Perfect Online Marketing

Online marketing is a great technique which you should be well versed about in this day and age. Fortunately, with ActiveCampaign, you do not need to know all the intricacies about it since the software takes care of a lot of it. Your online marketing these days is very important especially if you are solely an e-commerce business or do a lot of your business online. Online marketing allows you to reach a bigger and more accurate audience for your business which increases the chance of your success. According to the people at ActiveCampaign, it is like hiring an employee for marketing purposes without having to pay a salary or getting a new desk!

Lead Nurturing and Ranking

Leads in marketing are everything for a business. A lead is essentially anyone who displays buyer behavior. And much like in life, leads can also be ranked. A lead that displays the highest amount of buyer behavior is the most powerful lead and hence these leads are ranked in descending order from strongest to weakest lead. This helps you determine what leads you should focus most of your resources on. It is smarter to spend and allocate resources to leads that are stronger and give you a higher chance of converting these leads to sales! This feature in ActiveCampaign is definitely great and gives you an all-new technique of nurturing potential leads.

Automated Alerts and Tasks

Another great thing about ActiveCampaign is that unlike humans it does not forget. The software remembers what needs to be done and sends you alerts about pending tasks or things that need to be done. You can also add to-do lists for the software so that you can keep track of everything you need to be doing. A to-do list in your marketing automation software tells you how you can improve your marketing and what tasks are pending in order to successfully launch a marketing campaign or whatever else that needs to be done.

Should You Buy ActiveCampaign

Now that we have given you a complete rundown of the features in ActiveCampaign CRM you are probably wondering whether or not you should take the plunge and invest in the software. We can help you in making this decision. We suggest reaching out to the vendor and requesting an ActiveCampaign demo to see whether or not this software is a good call for you. Seeing software in action is much different from reading about it.

We also suggest you write down all the features you would ideally want in a CRM and then compare those features to the ones present in ActiveCampaign CRM to see whether or not they would potentially satisfy your needs.

We are sure whatever final decision you come to about this software will end up being the right call for your needs. A good CRM software can change everything for you and your business hence this is not a decision that should be taken lightly!

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