Guide to Creating Amazing Instagram Reels

The latest video feature of instagram is called Reels. Instagram’s goal is to be a one-stop app for all YouTube users and social media enthusiasts. If you’re a company looking to build a business using YouTube or Instagram, it’s important to start using Instagram reels today if you want to compete. It has great potential to spread your brand awareness as it highlights the top reels and it gives you a good start in the competition. 

Facts About Instagram Reels 

You can easily create and edit multi-clip Reels up to 30 seconds from within the Instagram app using advanced tools like transitions, filters, and speed controls and create amazing instagram reels. This is useful if you don’t want to use multiple apps or additional gear for uploading posts on social media. Instagram Reels are a useful feature across the platform and worth investing your time and effort in. 

  • When it comes to metrics, Reels gets 22% more engagement than the Instagram Feed. 
  • Additionally, Reels get you the right kind of audience attention on the platform and helps you reach your potential customers besides Instagram Stories, LIVE, Feed, and IGTV.
  • Almost two-thirds of active Instagram users fall between the age group of 18-34, which means that there are many opportunities for targeted audiences to discover more brands on this platform. 

Thus, Reels is a sure-shot solution for you to boost your Instagram strategy and stay ahead of the competition. 

What is an Instagram Reel? 

Instagram reels launched in the year 2020 empower you with the ability to create and share short, engaging videos using a fascinating collection of audio and music. Reels is Instagram’s latest feature that allows the app to record and edit short videos for up to 30 seconds utilizing scintillating effects, impressive drawings, inspirational and trending music, and non-interactive stickers. This way you can always build a successful instagram profile.

Why Do I Need to Create an Instagram Reel? 

Instagram publishes high-quality Reel content, making it a great opportunity for ideal viewers to find and follow you. The Reels offer you great potential and opportunity to become viral and increase brand awareness. Other reasons for paying more attention to Reels are that:

  1. Instagram Stories offer highlights that are difficult to navigate, and they vanish after 24 hours. 
  2. Instagram Posts typically reach their maximum audience reach within 24 hours; however, Reels can be discoverable for weeks. 
  3. Reels are stored in a visual library just like IGTV and are comfortably accessible from any home page. 
  4. Reels are highly entertaining, making them easy and exciting to consume. 

Where Can I See the Instagram Reels? 

You can find Reels on the Explore page. You simply need to tap the magnifying glass at the end of the screen, after which you will notice a large role-specific square at the top of the Explore page. When tapped, the reel square will generate video clips that you can watch by scrolling vertically. With the power of social media and technology, you can always boost your sales.

To view individual Instagram Reels, you can visit the Account Profiles page and tap the Reels Libraries icon below the marker next to the IGTV icon. 

Here’s How to Create an Instagram Reel

Step 1 – First, tap the camera icon at the top left of your home page and further scroll to Reels which is placed at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 2 – Then press and hold the record button to start recording and tap it again to stop the clip. You can also tap the camera roll in the lower-left corner of the screen to add videos from another platform, for example, to upload your YouTube video.

Step 3 – Tap the left arrow to view, crop, or delete the clip you just recorded. 

Step 4 – Tap the right arrow to add a drawing, sticker, or text to them and use the slider below to edit when the text appears in the Reel. 

Step 5 – Then tap the right arrow to modify the Cover Photo 

Step 6 – Add hashtags and write an impressive caption.

Step 7 – Now, you can choose where you want the clip to be posted – Instagram Stories or Reels.

Step 8 – If you share the clip to explore – you have successfully posted an interesting Instagram Reel to highlight your brand and business.

A Guide to Creating Great Instagram Reels 

This will help you understand how Reels can benefit your brand:

1. Always have a plan

Instagram Reels require careful planning and are quite different from Instagram Story and Instagram Live. Decide on its duration, whether you want it for 15, 30, or 60 seconds; fix the speed, you can go up to 5 times the normal speed; Choose the effects like music and other features.

2. Storytelling

Your Reels must revolve around a complete story from start to finish. You can tell a story about your brand, introduce fun viral trends, make educational videos, produce simple product demos, or share behind-the-scenes content. Focus on the introduction, the middle, the conclusion, and the emotions you want the viewer to feel.

3. Unleash your creativity

Copying content or being repetitive can harm your Instagram account and can lessen your followers. To attract more followers, be unique in your content and manage it creatively.

4. Value Creation 

Make an exciting offer to your audience – something that they would like to explore. Educate them about new products and services and provide them with ample advice, instructions, and information.

5. Check what’s Trending

Trends are fun, and Instagram users love them. Following trends based on audio, reports, music, or format, brands can establish trends, thus keeping up with the audience and encouraging their involvement. 

6. Vertical Reels 

Instagram Reels don`t work if they are not shot vertically. Don’t go horizontal and use the full screen while recording.

7. Hook Your Viewers

Entice your followers enough to have them watch the entire clip and lure them to like/comment or share your respective Instagram Reel. You can hook your audience using facial expressions, an amazing picture, a special effect, or a convincing piece of text

8. Make transitions 

Transitions attract users and keep your audience interested in your content. Take advantage of special features like effects, text, and stickers to make your brand look innovative, relevant, enterprising, and useful

9. Add music Audio

To determine the success of Instagram Reels, you must identify how and where to use the audio or music- forefront or background. Choose trending soundtracks from your Instagram library, or you can create your audio. Using the appropriate music can make your Reels highly engaging, interactive, and extremely popular.


Instagram Reels need to be unique and customized to your brand and business. You must add fresh content and deliver your brand, making it more humane and relating to the people interested in using your product. Other factors you must pay attention to are adding subtitles, creating roles, and applying fundamental tips to extend your reach.

Once done, you can share your edited Reels with Instagram feed, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Stories using relevant hashtags. Avoid recycling and keep a stringent check on the metrics. The final idea of ​​Instagram reels is to create a fun new way to expand your social media presence with short videos. You must try it and see how well it works for you, your audience, and your social media strategy. 

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