Features and Use-Cases of Covid Certificate Verification Solution

After surviving Covid, organizations and people are making continuous attempts to resume their daily routine and tasks. It is unarguable that the precautions have to be taken for a very long time. The covid certificate verification solutions play a massive role in this by verifying vaccination status of individuals in a go to ensure safe onboarding and collaborations, to regain momentum, and restore the lifestyles people all know and adore.

For ensuring safety, the AI-driven solutions recognize fake vaccine cards instantly by verifying the QR code and ID of the mentioned vaccination centre from regulatory directories, containing health records of citizens. 

To verify vaccine certificates, the programming interface does not require a specific software or install to function and can generate accurate results swiftly, even in offline mode. 

How Does The Covid Certificate Verification Take Place?

  • In the covid certificate verification , the medical data and updates regarding it of registered citizens is stockpiled so after getting vaccinated, the code or ID of the particular vaccine centre is added into the record of the individual. If the mentioned QR code is not found in the database, the person gets restricted from signing up or getting through in no time.
  • The ID of the registered vaccine center is incorporated in a tamper-proof decentralized distributed ledger as a unique digital fingerprint. The fingerprint can also be encoded into different forms for authentication
  • The state-of-the-art OCR technology extracts the information on the card and verifies the ID of the vaccination center with great accuracy.  To verify the covid certificate, optical scanner identifies counterfeit and forged vaccine cards in no time
  • The vaccination center prints the individual a robust long-lasting card or a secure label. For eliminating chances of counterfeiting, the vaccination card can be custom-designed with holograms and watermarks as well

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Features of Covid Certificate Verification Solutions

  • To verify the covid certificate, the machine learning algorithms of AI-driven solutions validate the authenticity of the verification documents instantly from concerned regulatory directories. The personal credentials are verified to ensure that the vaccine card is in possession of the rightful person
  • The covid certificate verification solutions are highly scalable, interoperable, and easy to deploy
  • QR-based covid cards provide vaccination’s details to concerned authorities immediately
  • Most importantly, in covid certificate verification, the connectivity or internet issue brings no delay in card validation. The secure nature of the card and its data means the certificate can be checked offline from anywhere. The covid certificate verification helps in creating simple vaccine certificate and validation solutions, that are based on open technologies to ensure interoperability across countries and systems
  • The most significant feature of the covid certificate verification solution is that its API can operate efficiently in a functioning digital device with a browser and webcam without any additional installation or plug-in. 

Use-Cases/Applications of Covid Certificate Verification in Different Industries

Airport Clearances 

For traveling regionally and overseas, every soul is required to have a covid vaccine passport or pass. For covid certificate verification for traveling, the individual presents the card at the airport for boarding. As the employees at the airport are working in a bustling place for long shifts, the customs team uses enterprise-grade mobile devices to scan people’s cards. The data is checked against the verifier held on the ledger.


In the medical sector, the applications providing covid certificate verification can also be used in the therapy and counseling of remote patients.

Corporate Sector

The global pandemic has highly affected global economies and employment rates. Post lockdown, business entities are bound to make sure that their internal workforce is uninfected so they can focus on their strategic long/short term goals. The covid certificate verification solutions come in handy in this situation. The service enables the organization to categorize their employees and manage the human talent. Infected souls are recognized and the remaining workforce is managed in a go. 

In addition to that, entities prior to conducting any physical seminars or conferences can use the covid certificate verification solution to ensure the vaccination status of participants and reduce the risk of getting infected to zero.

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In Malls, Restaurants, Movie Theatres

For businesses operating in a crowded public space, a covid certificate verification solution ensures uninfected customer onboarding. Any negligence or poor verification standards can result in the ultimate downfall of the concerned business and its customers.

Public Transport

The ride-hailing platforms can also benefit from covid certificate verification solutions to resume by verifying the covid status of their riders and passengers before confirmation of the ride to establish safety.

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To protect the interests of businesses, their current clients, and potential customers, an AI-powered covid certificate verification system is a compulsion as the multilingual system verifies the updated vaccine status of individuals in real-time. For businesses to manage their human capital and professional collaborations/partnerships, the solution provides accurate results by comparing code and ID of vaccine centers with data warehoused in classified government archives, leading to a better customer experience and revival of businesses.

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