DTF direct film printers and consumables

What is DTF printing?

State-of-the-art DTF printer package from MUTOH

DTG Transfer, also known as Direct to Film (DTF) printing, is a new t-shirt printing technology that is transforming apparel design and manufacturing.

What are the basic steps of DTF printing?

Have you heard of the new All-in-one Direct to Movie (DTF) print setup from Mutoh? Think of this printer package as a single hub for your DTF printing needs. It is best for high-volume, precise, high-resolution DTF printing direct to garment transfer (DTF).

This DTF printer and TPU adhesive powder, automatic shaker, and dryer in one are capable of making 36 adult men’s suits in just one hour! It comes with CMYK WW profiles and fluorescent inks.

Most buyers like you will probably find one with minimal maintenance while printing but excellent speed and quality. That is the difference between DTF printers.

DTF printing by name is simply the process of using a DTG printer and instead of printing directly on a shirt, you print on a transfer sheet.

DTF printers are an alternative to DTG.

Transfer film uses a specific water-based ink for printing. When the ink dries, powder glue is applied to the back. Now it is ready to store heat cure or use immediately. One advantage of DTF printer is that they require no pre-processing. Glue powder does this for you. Once the heat is applied, you can transfer the soft water-ink onto your clothes in just 15 seconds.

DTF is a fun addition to Garment Decor that you just can’t miss. Some have abandoned DTG printing in the past due to the need to pre-treat white ink. DTF breaks this cycle and requires no pre-treatment yet produces portable soft water levels.

We will offer a commercial system that prints on a 600 mm wide roll. The R-Jet PRO is based on a custom printer that uses the same dual-head motor as the DTG.


Because of the durability enhanced by special inks and glues, DTF printing is ideal for workwear. The print does not crack like silkscreen because it is very soft to use due to water-based ink. This makes the system perfect for clothing such as overalls, tall clothes, exercise, and cycling.

The custom-built R-Jet DTF Pro system is designed and built from the ground up. 10m2 per hour printing with fully automatic curing and adhesive application. So the R-Jet PRO DTF is one of the fastest fully automated systems available in the UK. Its dual printhead technology produces quick one-off prints at high resolution. The quality and vitality of the finished garment are above all we think it is the best out there.

You can use the printer as a standalone machine without the need for an automatic binder/cure unit which takes up very little space.

R-Jet Pro DTF

The flagship printer for DTF is the new DTF R-Jet Pro printer with the latest features of dual printhead technology. Powered by the latest version of 2 x 8 channels (2 x CMYK) and (8 x W) Industrial Printheads and RIP PRO Resolution software to ensure color control and management sharp. Its many features include a “mix ink” function to ensure that white ink runs smoothly on the printer, helping to reduce maintenance or production problems. The wet cap system allows the printer to run for up to a month without needing to refill white ink.

For those looking for an affordable and reliable alternative to DTG, but prefer the look and feel of textile inks, DTF technology is just what you’re looking for. This new technology “bridges the gap” between DTG, screen printing, and traditional transfer printing methods.

The transfer finish offers outstanding durability, incredible stretch and feel, and vibrant colors.

Talk about ink. The average ink cost per print of this energy printer is 10 cents to 50 cents per garment. Its ink comes in 220 ml or one-liter bulk bags.

And if you are just starting out in the t-shirt printing business, its user-friendly software is a real winner. Your t-shirt design is printed and then fed to a sensor. Automatic dough shakers remove excess powder and automatically push through the dryer, putting you in control of your production – precise and error-free.

Start your apparel business or business with this exclusive STS Inks DTF system, designed to be the most affordable and hassle-free solution by 2022 for business and project projects. Your next big custom t-shirt, clothing, and accessories business.

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