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Diddy Says He Once Woke Up With ’15 Roaches On His Face’ Growing Up And The Internet Has A Field Day Mocking Him!

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The rapper took to his platform to share a video in which he gushed about his life now and revealed how a crazy instance in his past inspired his dreams! As it turns out, Diddy has some roaches to thank for his near-perfect life today!

While he was trying to be inspirational and honest, many fans were rather amused and the memes started appearing!

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Check out some of them here!

It all started with Diddy posting the clip in which he could be seen eating a mango, with the caption:

‘One day when I was growing up, I woke up and there were 15 roaches on my face. At that moment I just said hell no, I refuse to live like this. Work hard and believe in your crazy dreams… AND NEVER SETTLE! #LOVE 🖤✨💫.’

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As mentioned before, this inspired users, not to work hard exactly, but to make some pretty hilarious roach-based jokes!

One person posted a short clip of a man waking up super disturbed and running out of his bed with the caption: ‘Diddy waking up to roaches on his face.’

‘The roaches headed to chill on diddy face while he sleeps like,’ someone else wrote alongside a video of a woman dancing.

‘Diddy, after he counted 15 roaches on his face,’ a third user captioned a video of a man screaming for the police while in a subway train.

Even Drake was roped into this when a fan posted a snap of him looking furious with the caption: ‘Diddy woke up with them 15 roaches on his face like….’

It appears that people were really amused by the massive but also very specific number of roaches Diddy specified were on his face upon waking up. Did he count them?

‘How did diddy know he had 15 roaches on his face while sleep, did he wake up n count them out before he swiped them off lol,’ someone pointed out while there were also others who were not convinced, asking themselves where he ‘comes up with such things!

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