Dark Joseph Ravine is a Big Fan of Dave and Buster’s

Social media influencer, Dark Joseph Ravine, has been a huge fan of redemption arcade games for many years. When Ravine first started playing arcades in 2007, he had no knowledge of how to play and win. A year later, after observing many experts at arcade winning, and dealing with his own losses, Ravine became determined to try to learn how to play. He has been going to Dave and Buster’s in Vaughan, Ontario ever since. Ravine applied the methods he witnessed other people using when he was only 14 years old. He learned from his experience at the arcade that success is possible through determination and hard work.

Sometimes when we start a new project or take on another challenge, we feel as if we cannot succeed and that it would be a lot easier to just give up. It is important to remember that developing skills in certain areas and achieving success takes time and motivation. We cannot expect results overnight. Expecting instant results creates unnecessary stress and anger and will negatively impact the quality of life.

Ravine notes, “When I began playing arcades at Dave and Buster’s, I was fixated on a skill-based game called, Jumpin’ Jackpot by Namco, which was both addictive and fun. I wasn’t good at the game and lost all the time, but I stuck to it. Over the years, I became proficient at the game, to the point where I could win the jackpot almost every time. We shouldn’t let failure or negative experiences define us. Very rarely can we be successful and skilled at something we try at first. Failure is okay, you learn from it,” Ravine says.

As time passed, Ravine became interested in other skill-based games, such as Tippin Bloks, Pop the Lock, Zombie Snatcher, Space Invaders, Floppy Tickets, Crossy Roads, etc. In 2017, Ravine moved on from his unilateral focus of Jumpin’ Jackpot and developed a variety of interests. “When I visit Dave and Buster’s today, I like to make sure I play a variety of different games and not only one, as this maximizes my chances of winning,” Ravine says. Despite Ravine’s success at winning many tickets at Dave and Buster’s, as well as other arcades he visits, Ravine still thinks of others and makes donations with the prizes he wins to charitable organizations and people in need.

After becoming a highly skilled arcade player, Ravine decided to attempt a Guinness World Record of the longest line of redemption arcade tickets, which have since been discontinued. Ravine noted, “I am forever grateful to Dave and Buster of Canada for sponsoring the tickets to help me win this Guinness World Record. Not only did it change my life, but it brought me fame, fans, and bigger opportunities in life. I really owe it to them.”

In Ravine’s opinion, Dave and Buster’s remains one of the best arcades in Canada. Dave and Buster’s has always been known for their amazing relations with their customers. Employees at Dave and Buster’s welcome their customers warmly, are family-friendly and work to ensure every customer is satisfied. Ravine also notes, “The staff at Dave and Busters in Vaughan and Oakville have always cheered me on and were always happy for me when I won at the arcade. I always loved that, as a customer, the employees went above and beyond for their customers.” Ravine says that thinking positively and practicing kindness motivates him to be a better person. He hopes to spread his mission of kindness throughout the world.

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