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Cat keychain for your self-defense

What would you do if attacked? If you don’t have your cat’s key to self-defense, you can do what most prey animals do, and that’s a scream! Sure, yelling seems better than doing nothing and often reflects the ability to stop it, but it’s probably not the most effective defense. On the contrary, it can even force the attacker to react: he will try to control the scream, to silence the victim – first thing.

Some victims of a surprise attack may have held a gun, pepper spray, a knife, or even a gun, and may have carried heavy objects in their wallets during the attack. However, their effect is often ineffective, when the attacker is already very close and the attack is underway. There’s no time and place to open purses and find pepper spray or teasers.

How to get out of a threatening situation? In fact, if you are alone and no one comes to your aid, there is, in fact, only one chance of getting out of the place. But, for that, you have to confuse the attacker, with something, that gives you an advantage of at least a few seconds: I recommend dealing with a sharp punch!

Place two fingers in the cat’s eye hole and take full control of this functional tool. You will feel that it can cause serious damage. Its sharp ears can certainly hit an attacker enough to give you a chance to escape. This is not a toy. With as much topical medication as you can use, you can apply it almost anywhere on your body and it will work. The aim is to feel it through their clothes and if you touch bare skin you can cause a lot of pain and anxiety.

Keep your cat’s keychain in place so you can put your finger in it at any time. When it is in your hand, you will feel its power when it does not attract too much attention. You don’t carry a gun and it doesn’t look like an obvious weapon. It’s easy to hold in your fingers and you can secretly put it back in your pocket when you don’t need it.

This self-defense device is really sturdy and small enough to carry in a pocket or purse without being heavy or awkward. Cat Keychain is a serious defensive weapon that can get you out of a bad situation. It has been approved by many self defense keychains instructors and is created to help you maintain your safety and dignity.

Take a closer look and take the time to understand the situation: the cat’s prickly ears and hard build make it suitable for quick self-defense – even without being a professional fighter. Suitable for cat’s kitchen. Includes a ring and clasp for attaching keys. With two sharp spikes, it acts as an extension of your fingers. Very easy to slide, easy to hide. Measuring about 3 x 2.1 inches, it stays secure in your wallet and doesn’t look dangerous in the hand. This kitty cat is a great tool for self-defense.

With such an affordable price tag, everyone in the family should have one and it makes a great gift, especially for students, girlfriends, and anyone who might need to increase their safety.

Will I carry it all the time?

This is the beauty of the self-defense kitchen. What are the most common things you carry on hand when getting to or from your car, home, or work? Your key! Since you carry the key with you every day in the self-defense kitchen, it will probably end up in your hands more than anything else. This increases the likelihood that if you attack, it will be in your hand and ready to strike. This is a huge advantage when considering a personal safety device or weapon.

Will it be available when I need it?

Again, self-defense keychains can be ready to go if you need them most. It’s not enough to have a personal security device. It won’t work well in your wallet, pocket, or car. If you keep your keys in your keychain, it’s a simple matter to establish the habit of carrying it in your hand whenever you leave the house.


Whether you’ve decided to dig deeper into the matter of self-defense keychains; Whether you decide to buy and bring one is entirely up to you. I can only provide you with information to assist you in your decision making but ultimately you are solely responsible for your personal safety and decide for yourself what is right and what is not. wrong for you. If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you’ll make an informed choice.

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