Cannes 2021 Film Spotlight: “Blue Bayou”


Blue Bayou is making waves at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

Blue Bayou‘s director Justin Chon, stars opposite powerhouse Alicia Vikander. The story takes us through the harrowing experience of a Korean-born adoptee raised in Louisiana, fighting to keep his family together as he faces deportation. The drama is riveting, and an emotional landscape of complex dilemmas. Blue Bayou shines a light on the harsh loopholes in America’s immigration legislation that allows adoptees who have spent their entire lives in the country to be deported over paperwork irregularities. A tenacious look at how the law is failing America, once again. There’s enormous heart behind Justin Chon’s drama, with gut wrenching performances full of feeling from the writer-director as he takes the screen alongside Alicia Vikander. If anything Blue Bayou, can be at times too ambitious. A story full of so many details, and competing storylines, that often it can be hard to know where the movie is meant to pull your focus.

The film is set for its opening on Sept. 17 through Focus Features after launching in Cannes. The film has alot of heart, and takes a stance on the honorable intention to tell a story about the travesty of immigration law enforcement that tears apart American families.

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